Top Twitter Video Ads in The Asia-Pacific for September 2020

    By Robert Cameron - Oct 19, 2020
    Top Twitter Video Ads in The Asia-Pacific for September 2020

    As part of an ongoing monthly series with Twitter, Branding in Asia brings you the Top Twitter Ads from around the Asia Pacific.

    According to Twitter,  “In September we saw a wide variety of ads standing out from F&B, entertainment, automobile sectors, and even NGOs – the Ruokday 2020 AU event that aims to educate people on the importance of mental health garnered a lot of traction in the lead-up to World Mental Health day in October.”

    Twitter added that “Convenience and wellbeing were key focuses in September as people started to pay more attention to their health and prioritize efficiency, as seen from the ads by SehatAQUA ID and Grab PH.”

    Also notable was that “while connectivity (eCommerce, entertainment etc.) remains key, we saw outward-facing content performing well in markets like Thailand,” said Twitter, adding that “Content capitalized on short, human-centric storytelling as seen from both B2B and B2C brands (Telstra Enterprise, AQUA & Nissan).

    What type of video ads work best on Twitter?

    According to Twitter, the best performing videos this September on shared the following in common:

    • Content capitalized on short, emotionally-driven storytelling as seen from SehatAQUA ID, Nissan TH & TelstraEnt AU – the videos associated relatable personal experiences with a product.
    • The sound played a role in setting the tone of the video and was present from the start. With the use of fewer closed captions this month, many chose to employ music instead to help amplify the message and make it more memorable.
    • For brands looking to create a lasting impression, even the shortest of stories can hit home if they offer an insight into simple moments from daily life.


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