Top 25 Brands for Kids in Asia Led by Milo, KFC, Adidas and Apple says Brand Awareness Study


Kid-focused ad tech firm TotallyAwesome has released their third annual APAC Kids’ Digital Insights report which tracks brand awareness and spending patterns for kids aged 6-14 and their parents across Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Australia.

One thing that immediately stands out is the strong presence of global brands on the list with Nestle, KFC, Adidas, Apple and McDonald’s taking the top five spots.

While some local brands perform well in the battle for awareness, the strong presence of global players is mostly about having the resources to stay front of mind says TotallyAwesome CEO Quan Nguyen.


“APAC kids appeared to be sensitive to quality and identity. But reach and frequency of brands’ communication are also influential factors for kids to favor brands,” said Nguyen. 

The results

The 2017 Insights revealed that 3 out of the top 5 most recognized kids’ brands across the region are ‘everyday consumables’: Nestle Milo (93%), KFC (88%), McDonald’s (84%).

In the clothing category, sports brands – Adidas (86%) and Nike (80%) – were top of mind. Most popular tech brands are Apple (84%) and Samsung 80%.

Lego (76%) is the number 1 toy brand, followed by Disney (73%), Barbie (62%), Transformers (50%) and Play-Doh (47%). Brands from this category appeared 8th and below in the rankings, which suggest toy brands have the opportunity to increase mindshare among this audience.


Insights from the report

Locally: homegrown labels are still recognized among global ones

“Brand awareness slightly varies between countries and quite often top lists include local champions. Within the top 5: Mamee in Malaysia, Vinamilk in Vietnam, Pocky in Thailand, Ribena in Singapore, Indomilk in Indonesia, KitKat, Chuckie and Nestle in the Philippines.  However, despite variations across regions fast food consistently continues to dominate kids brand awareness.”

Brand affinity: Top 10 favorite kids brands

“From the list of recognized brands, respondents were asked to select their favorite brand. KFC, McDonald’s and Apple turned out to have the highest affinity being the most popular choices. Milo (ranked most widely recognized at 93%) ranked 4th in favorite brands, while Hello Kitty, ranked 7th in favorite brands, does not appear in the top 25 most recognized list.”

“This suggests that while recognition and affinity are strongly linked, other factors such as the longevity or heritage of brands such as Hello Kitty can also influence personal affinity by shaping peer usage, and perceptions of quality and identity. These are factors that can assist brand positioning to maximize impact in APAC markets.”


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