The Top 10 Ads on YouTube in Asia Pacific for December

Google is back with it’s roundup of the most popular YouTube ads for the Asia-Pacific region closing out last year for the month of December.

Google describes the collection of top ads this recording cycle as “Ads with a twist.”

Whoever thought bathroom appliances could be made to look smolderingly cool? Kerovit did. The Indian bathware brand combined the groovy moves of a Bollywood actress and a bass-heavy soundtrack to top this month’s leaderboard.


In our third-most viewed ad, a Korean gaming company found a fresh spin to the way celebrity endorsement ads were being shot—and fans loved it. Finally, note that in the top three ads, a compelling soundtrack plays an integral part in the storytelling.

The list represents the top 10 ads on YouTube in Asia-Pacific that resonated most with audiences across the region based on a combination of popularity and promotion.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 10 ads:


1. Kerovit By Kajaria (IN), Kerovit New Brand Film, Featuring Anushka Sharma – #KerovitIsFreedom

2. 클래시 로얄 (KR), 클래시 로얄 일본 애니메이션 광고 [카드에 마음을 담아!] 편

3. 검은사막 (KR), [검은사막 X 오연서] Episode 1. ‘신규캐릭터 란’ 편

4. SKODA Taiwan (TW), 【ŠKODA x 抖肩兄弟 “聰明的 就懂” MV全球首播!】

5. Forte ID (ID), Forte – Mighty Tiny [ Sumo ]

6. DaihatsuOfficial (JP), 安全装備 みんなの安全安心プロジェクト 「安全安心ドライビングスクール 俺様教官 篇」 ダイハツ公式

7. クラッシュロワイヤル (クラロワ)公式 (JP), クラロワTVCM「きみの想いを、カードにこめろ」篇(30秒)

8. PlayStation Japan (JP), “PS4”「モンハンワールド 山田からのお年玉」篇

9. Big Bazaar (IN), Bharti Singhs’ wedding Shopping at Big Bazaar

10. 넥슨 YouTube (KR), [야생의 땅: 듀랑고] 사전예약 TVC – 워프스토리 1편