Google Reveals Top 10 YouTube Ads in Singapore for Second Half of 2018

Google has released the YouTube Ads Leaderboard for the second half of 2018, revealing the list of top 10 video ads that Singaporeans watched from July to December.

“Brands and agencies pulled out all the stops in the second half of 2018 to produce meaningful and engaging ads that demonstrate the power of storytelling to not just make consumers pay attention to their products and services, but to also change people’s perceptions of important social issues,” said Google.

1- A Social Experiment on Mental Health Stigma | Beyond the Label


2- iPhone XS — Growth Spurt — Apple

3- Freshness promised. Or your money back.

4- Are your antibiotics in the wrong fight?

5- My Smart Ahma #3


6- Gunting The Series: Episode 5

7 – McDonald’s Samurai Burger

8 – Singapore: The Impossible Story

9 – Love at First Flight Trailer | 从心起飞预告

10 – Singapore Kindness Movement – Be Greater

Key Takeaways from Google

  • The public sector is leading the way. Ads by the public sector are no stranger to the YouTube Ads Leaderboard. But this time, public service ads dominated by taking 6 out of 10 spots with a winning formula of using “edutainment” to appeal to Singaporeans. The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) came up top with its emotional and hard-hitting ad as part of its nationwide campaign to challenge the stigma around mental health. The other public sector ads were: Health Promotion Board (#4), Smart Nation Singapore (#5), (#6), Economic Development Board (#8) and the Singapore Kindness Movement (#10).
  • Championing social causes. Advertising is a powerful tool for social change. NCSS’ video struck a chord with the audience by tackling the stigma surrounding mental health through personal anecdotes of past patients, while Singapore Kindness Movement’s one-minute ad encouraged viewers to redefine greatness and the kindness within.
  • Ads play to Singaporeans love of a good drama series. Brands are conveying their brand messages through online episodic content and Singaporeans are soaking it up! The trailer for Changi Airport’s romantic drama, Love at First Flight (#9), featuring local artistes, Zong Zi Jie and Jannassa Neo, got the audience looking out for more; while Malay online drama, Gunting The Series (#6), used a compelling story to help Singaporeans understand policies such as the SkillsFuture Credit and the Professional Conversion Programme by Workforce Singapore.
  • The best ideas get the most attention. Sometimes it’s the idea that matters not the length of the ad. A good idea will shine through no matter how long or short your ad is, and YouTube offers brands the flexibility to tell your story taking however much (or little) time you need. Apple Singapore (#2), RedMart (#3), the Health Promotion Board (#4) and McDonald’s Singapore (#7) showed us how to create impact and get the most attention within a 30-second time frame.

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