Top 10 Ads in Singapore for the First Half of 2018

Google has released the latest YouTube Ads Leaderboard for the first six months of 2018, showcasing the ads that Top 10 ads that resonated most with Singaporeans from January to June.

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The half-yearly list demonstrates the creativity displayed by brands and agencies, and creative potential of online video to engage and inspire the audience says Google.


Now on with the ads that people watched most.

1. McDonald’s Ramadan – Full Length

2. Apple: Three Minutes

3. Mr. Lim’s Reunion Dinner


4. Magic

5. LEGO City – Mountain Police Madness PART ONE! – Minimovie

6. Ep 4: The Devil, the Angels and I

7. On Top of the World | Shell #makethefuture Shell

8. #HHN8 Things Are Getting Stranger

9. Believe more | DBS. Live more, Bank less

10. Official Teaser Film: The Camera. Reimagined.

Key themes from the Leaderboard

According to Google:

The Leaderboard contains a diverse range of ads, said Google. From exciting 15-second teasers to 3-minute short films that tug at your heartstrings – representing the changing trends of made-for-digital content produced by agencies and brands. Here are a few key themes we picked out from the list:

● Theme #1. Short films take the cake. Emotional stories are rocking the list, with the top four spots proving that this formula still works. McDonald’s (#1) moving people-centric Ramadan message proved wildly popular. Viewers connected with the strong family-centric narrative in Apple’s (#2) and Singtel’s (#3) Lunar New Year videos, while MOE’s (#4) inspirational ad on the role of educators once demonstrates the power of a good story.

● Theme #2. Made in Singapore, for Singapore. Singaporean ads are in the spotlight in the leaderboard this time, with 6 out of the 10 featuring local content. The online videos that resonated the most with local viewers included McDonalds (#1), Singtel (#3), MOE (#4) and Govsingapore (#6), with all four tackling topics close to the hearts of Singaporeans – Ramadan, family, education and online culture – as well as two other short-form ads by Resorts World Singapore (#8)andD BS (#9).

● Theme #3. Don’t tell, tease. Teasers aren’t just for movies, they can also drum up interest and excitement before an event or product launch. Samsung’s video teaser (#10) of the camera functions of the Samsung Galaxy S9 created buzz and anticipation for the launch of the phone; while Resorts World Sentosa’s teaser of Halloween Horror Night (#8) got thrillseekers begging for more.

● Theme #4. Tackling hot topics. Brands also understand the need to be current and relevant as seen in their use of online videos to kick-start conversations on hot topics globally. The Ministry of Communication and Information’s govsingapore (#6) channel has taken an edutainment approach to the topic of online disinformation by demonstrating ways to tackle this issue in their webisode series, The Devil, The Angels and I. The focus on adopting clean energy is also exemplified through Shell’s catchy music video featuring five global artists for their #m akethefuture (#10) campaign.


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