Tonic Worldwide Launches Video Programming Division

Tonic Worldwide, an independent digital agency has launched a new division dubbed ‘TWIP’ – Tonic Worldwide Intuitive Programming. TWIP enables brands to leverage data better for creating snackable video content.

This follows the launch of Gipsi in 2019, the AI and HI driven research division at Tonic, TWIP is a video content practice, which will be powered by Gipsi’s data-driven dashboards and insights.

With over thousands of pieces of content being discovered by a user daily across platforms, brands are struggling to get noticed and engage. With the launch of TWIP, brands will be able to produce intent-based content – content that consumers are looking for, rather than the other way around and content that will resonate with the TG.


Commenting on the launch, Sudish Balan, Chief Business Officer, Tonic Worldwide said, “These are rapidly changing times with video taking up most of the content in digital media. Campaign bursts by brands will have to be supplemented with a more consistent approach to get discovered when consumers are looking for the content and publish these videos almost on a daily and weekly basis. With TWIP, we intend to power brands with a consistent and continuous video led programming approach which has the potential to cost significantly less and generate more effective leads.”

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