Tomorrow Looks Good – New Campaign for Hyundai All-Electric IONIQ Range


Hyundai has launched a campaign for IONIQ, a range of all-electric vehicles to innovate how Australians move into the new electric era, via Innocean Australia.

Innocean Australia partnered with Scoundrel director James Dive to develop a new visual aesthetic – with LED light bars powered purely by the IONIQ’s ‘Vehicle to Load’ capacity.

These LED bars were strapped to the sides of the vehicles for the TV commercial. Every time the cars move forward, a customized light trail is left behind.


Each IONIQ’s ‘light path’ was inspired by each model, choreographed to move in sync to a Stalking Gia cover of the song Tomorrow from the musical Annie.

The technique was all captured in-camera using a method developed by Scoundrel and FIN Design + Effects that utilises all the latest aspects of long exposure filmmaking, while still allowing the creative team to push and finesse elements in a way that would not normally be able to be done with a regular long exposure capture. And all without the need for CGI.

Jenny Gulliver, Hyundai director of marketing, said  “And the EV category is no different, with brands reflecting a cold, tech-focussed world that lacks humanity. Therefore, to differentiate ourselves, we needed to position IONIQ as an EV brand that brings optimism to the EV category.


“Emerging tech can now allow light trails to be whatever you can dream of. The principles are still the same, but these light patterns no longer require you to wave a torch about in the dark,” added Dive.

“Instead, a singular length of LEDs can now be pre-programmed with an image. The LED length then steps through the image one line at a time using a depth of 210 pixels on each side of the car. As the object moves, the programmed pattern is painted one line at a time.”


Hyundai Motor Company Australia

Jennifer Gulliver – Director of Marketing

Alex Pinsuti – Head of Market & Brand Product

Emily Melinz – Brand Specialist

YouRhee Sung – Brand and Product Marketing Coordinator


Innocean Australia

Wez Hawes – Executive Creative Director

Dave Varney – Creative Director

Damon Porter – Creative Director

Georgie Parchet – Copywriter

Lachlan Rotherham – Art Director

Michael Macgregor – Design Lead

Renata Barbosa – Head Of Production

Dave Anlezark – Content Editor

Vincent Pled – Senior Account Director

Chiara Marotta – Account Director

Michelle Livni – Account Director

Adam Hosfal – Managing Partner

Jasmin Bedir – CEO

Gual Barwell – Chief Strategy Officer

Lucas Black-Dendle – Strategy Director


Production Company: Scoundrel

James Dive – Director

Adrian Shapiro – Executive Producer

Morgan Benson-Taylor – Producer/ Associate Executive Producer

Shelley Farthing-Dawe – DOP

Eat the Elephant – Lighting Tech

Beth Ryan – Production Designer

Adam Wills – Offline Editor


Cream – High-end Retouching & CGI

Pieter Owen – Senior Retoucher

Lee Turner – Senior Retoucher

Rozanna Bigeni – Creative Producer



Photoplay Photography

Michael Corridore


Wellcom Creative Production

Jake Condon – Integrated Producer

Kim Garraway – Integrated Producer


FIN Design + Effects – VFX

Jesse Meha and Stephanie Pocklington – VFX supervisors

Emily Newbould – VFX Producer

Alastair Stephen – Head of VFX / Executive Producer

Fergus Rotherham – Colourist


Rumble Studios

Tone Aston – Lead Sound Designer

Sean Wilkinson, Cam Milne – Sound Designers

Michael Gie – Sound Executive Producer



Level Two Music – Music Supervision

Stalking Gia ‘Tomorrow’


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