TM & VML’s Ang Pow Campaign Encourages Family Bonding

Malaysian telecoms giant, TM partnered with VML earlier this year to show audiences in the country the true meaning behind older relative’s seemingly misguided comments during Chinese New Year. It was done as part of a campaign for the brand’s Unifi Exclusive TVBAnywhere+ Premium Zone TV package.

Unifi TV’s Ang Pow campaign sets out to break down generational divides and encourage family bonding during the festive period – which has become synonymous with younger generations receiving grilling questions and comments from older relatives.

It sees Unifi’s fluffy mascot ‘Yunni’, uncovering the ‘love’ behind each harsh question posed by the older generation, providing an opportunity for understanding and connection – along with a QR code Ang Bao from Unifi, promoting the brand’s Chinese New Year family TV packages as the perfect way to bond during the festive season.


Running through January – February, the campaign generated a 10.7% uplift in website traffic compared with last year.

“This campaign aims to bridge the generational divides which can create tension among families at this time of year,” said KC Aui, Executive Creative Director, VML Malaysia.

“By revealing the thoughtful intention behind seemingly insensitive comments, we hope to inspire more understanding and connection, coupled with the opportunity for family bonding over Unifi’s high-quality TV packages.”



Account Lead: Victoria Chu, Vinz Low, Yi Lynn Tan
Creative Lead: KC Aui, Zahir Mazlan, Simon Yip, TattHo Chow, Amni Yusoff, Chan Wai Guan, Cindy Yap, Terence Chong, Yong Mei Yee
Planner Lead:  Filipe Lampreia, Farhanim Manan


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