Tired of Cleaning Up After Ramen? Check out the Samyang Ramen High-Pressure Washer

A novel solution to a common problem.


Seoul-based creative advertising agency, IDEOT, recently created a campaign for Samyang Ramen addressing the common problem of not wanting to clean up after a meal with a novel solution: the creation of the Samyang Ramen High-Pressure Washer – the world’s first high-pressure washer designed for cleaning ramen pots.

“Initially, rather than highlighting the advantages of Samyang Ramen, we sought to examine the societal context in which ramen is consumed and aimed to propose practical solutions,” Seung Jae Lee, the Creative Director and CEO of IDEOT, told Branding in Asia.

“Statistics revealed that South Korea has the longest average working hours among OECD countries, and over 70% of people choose ramen as a meal for the sake of convenience over traditional meals. In simple terms, modern individuals tired from their daily routines were turning to ramen as a quick meal solution.”


“We discovered that the experience of consuming ramen does not end with eating; it is followed by the bothersome task of washing dishes,” added Lee. “The burden of dishwashing felt significantly heavier for those who had chosen ramen for its simplicity, due to fatigue.”


The campaign, utilizing a mix of humor, relatability, and innovation, features prominent figures such as Professor Kim Chang-ok and YouTuber Jeong Jae-hyeong.


Image via IDEOT

IDEOT said the campaign enjoyed a viral spread across social media platforms, engaging discussions, and positive feedback from the community.

According to the case study, there was a 30% increase in the frequency of choosing ramen again among convenience foods.

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