TikTok Rolls Out Singapore Wellness Hub

    By The Staff - Oct 11, 2021
    TikTok Rolls Out Singapore Wellness Hub

    TikTok has announced a dedicated ‘Singapore Wellness Hub’ in conjunction with World Mental Health Month.

    The Singapore Wellness Hub will serve as an evergreen repository of mental health resources and wellness content contributed by non-profit partners and TikTok creators, to support its users through a strong peer support community.

    Aligned with the national effort by the Interagency Taskforce on Mental Health and Wellbeing in Singapore, the Hub seeks to strengthen the ability of vulnerable users to cope with anxiety and uncertainty, promote help-seeking behavior and drive greater awareness and education amongst our local community.


    “TikTok has become a home for wellbeing conversations that have taught us mindfulness, raised awareness on mental health and created a much-needed sense of community over the past year,” said Ms. Teresa Tan, Head of Public Policy at TikTok Southeast Asia and Singapore.

    “With the Singapore Wellness Hub, we have brought mental health support even closer and more accessible to our users. They now have a one-stop hub where they can seek support firsthand from peers who are on their own mental health recovery journeys or professionals who offer counselling services. We welcome anyone to this safe space to share their stories, fight the stigma, educate the community, and advocate for others right here on TikTok.”

    ​​The new Hub, which will be launched on October 15th, provides connection to tips and resources on all things wellness and self-care.

    • Under ‘Wellness Matters’, users can learn and practice grounding techniques, from safe space visualization, breathing exercises to body awareness techniques, by following step-by-step short-form videos created by non-profit partners — CARE Singapore, INSIGHT Care Corner, Limitless and TOUCH Community Services.
    • Under ‘Stories’, users can draw strength from peers who have boldly shared their personal lived experiences and recovery journeys.
    • Under ‘Support Helplines’, users can reach out directly to various non-profit organizations who are also TikTok wellness content creators — be it crisis and suicide prevention hotline by Samaritans of Singapore, free online counseling, or peer support programs.

    The Hub is the latest in TikTok for Good’s broader efforts to create an online safe space where users can express their vulnerabilities freely, find communities of support and destigmatize mental health conversations.

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