TikTok Given 15 More Days In the US To Make a Deal

    By The Staff - Nov 16, 2020
    TikTok Given 15 More Days In the US To Make a Deal

    TikTok, the Chinese social media giant, has been granted 15 more days to resolve their issues with the US government. The short-form video app will have until November 27th to argue its case that a deal with Walmart and Oracle should be allowed to come to fruition.

    Last Thursday, November 12th, was supposed to be the day the app’s parent company, Bytedance, needed to divest; however, the deadline passed with seemingly no consequences. The entire process has been shrouded in confusion as the hazy executive orders that the Trump administration passed, claiming the app was a threat to national security, largely lacked specifics as to what exactly the fallout would be if TikTok did not comply.

    According to CNN, the company informed a federal judge that the US government had granted them another two weeks. They will need to reach a deal in that timeframe; however, again the consequences if they fail to do so remain unclear. The August executive orders forced the Chinese company to find American buyers if they wished to remain active in the United States.


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