Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Peter Grasse

It’s hard to pick favorites and point fingers. Especially when you are in the business of keeping friends. Yet Kierkegaard would condemn me to suicide for not asserting my self and being decisive.

In which case, here it is -without diplomacy. Two spots I like, and one that I don’t.

Two I Like

Well, actually, let’s start with one I like, and then one I love. First up…


Shiseido – The Party Bus

Poetry, like music, comes alive when you forget its breathing. I’ve produced a spot with this director, and so I wanted to think about him and his craft whilst watching. And still, I utterly lost myself in the fluidity of this piece. Beautifully sensitive, engaging and surprising. No chord when they kiss. Suspended grace.

Pathé Gaumont – Big Stories

Love it. How many French love commercials can we see before we tire of the eternal chase? Faithful to the genre, albeit with a clever twist. Well-casted, well-timed & well done.


One I Don’t


Selling this idea into production is an achievement in itself. Bravo!

Nonetheless, it would be refreshing to see this well-worn style of commercial comedy further elevated beyond the safety of the usual deadpan histrionics towards a nuanced performance capable of maintaining our interest.

I’m glad this spot is loved by many others. Maybe I’ll love it in time.

I hope so – Mr+

Peter Grasse

Peter Grasse

Peter is Founder and Executive Producer, Mr+Positive Tokyo

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