Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Pann Lim

I was a TV addict (still am) when I was young and the period that I was most impressionable was in the 1980s. I loved watching TV commercials more than the TV programs because I found them very entertaining. My family members would all go for their toilet breaks during the commercials and I did just the opposite.

So, the three ads that I have chosen are all entertaining and 1000% nostalgic for me – I can still clearly remember watching them late at night with my late father.

Two I Liked

McDonald’s Big Mac

I loved Mcdonald’s as a child, in fact, I think I became a little overweight because I ate too much of that stuff! I was a huge fan of Mcdonald’s because they made delicious food and they got me singing to this Big Mac jingle every day!!!


And, when ordering your food at the counter, if you sang or read the lyrics of the jingle fast enough you got a free regular size coke!

That was mind-blowing for me at the age!!

Sony Walkman

I was a huge and loyal fan of Sony portable music players until the invention of iPod. I remember holding on to the Sony Walkman for the first time in the 80s and my life changed. I felt liberated because you could walk around with music following you
in pure stereo. It was magic.


I remember this spot clearly because it was intriguing and I did not watch it on TV, I saw it on a friend’s VHS tape with MTVs on it.

One I Didn’t Like

Cussons Imperial Leather

Even the ad that I didn’t like that much is still one of the most entertaining spots that I watched when I was young. I could only find the Bahasa version of the spot, but you’ll get it just fine. Check it out.

The spot even translated to sales because I bugged my mom to buy that soap every time we were at the supermarket and finally, after weeks, she gave in. I was not from a well to do family and Cusson’s Imperial Leather was a premium soap.

At home, however, I was really disappointed when I tried my own comparison alongside a cheaper Lux soap. Both the soaps ‘melted’ at about the same time which meant the ad was overselling the benefit of lasting longer.

Ah, yes, the fancies of youth.

Pann Lim

Pann Lim

Pann is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Kinetic Singapore

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