Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Fabio Caveira

Good advertising always needs to tell a good story, regardless of platform, time, and even budget. A great idea needs to have stopping power and be memorable. The rest is just bullshit, people don’t hate advertising, they hate bad ads and bad stories, it’s that simple.

Two Ads I Like

Folha de São Paulo – “Hitler”

The Folha de São Paulo commercial was run back in 1987 and is considered one of the 100 best ads of all time. It shows how a good ad does not need money, but just a powerful idea. You could easily run it nowadays because the message is still real. Just look at the amount of fake news everywhere.


Cast Away Trailer

Cast Away with Tom Hanks can be considered an incredible film,  and also a great FEDEX commercial with an incredible narrative. What I like most is that it shows that people care about the message when you have a good story behind it, no matter how long it is.

What I Don’t Like

There is not a specific ad I don’t like, but an entire category: most “Let’s save the world” campaigns, many of which are developed when we are close to the awards season.

I don’t like it when you create a solution and then run after a problem to adapt the idea and try to win an award. I believe it is disrespectful to the entity you should be helping and to our category as professionals.

Fabio Caveira

Fabio Caveira

Favio is Senior Creative/Art Director at OPPO in Shenzhen, China.

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