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As a copywriter, I love clever word play – I live for it actually. The power that comes with twisting a phrase ever so lightly to make it mean something else entirely. After all, impossible is nothing. I also believe that less is more with copy. So with that in mind, here are two ads I dig and one that I don’t.

Two Ads I Like

Tourism Tasmania – Come Down for Air

For me, this right here is tagline perfection. I remember when I first saw it I had to literally sit back and take in the power of its wordplay genius. If you’re not familiar with Tasmania, it’s a big chunky island state that sits under Victoria and is renowned for its rugged wilderness, gobsmacking scenery, and ridiculously pristine air. Seriously, it has some of the cleanest air in the world.


This print execution is part of a larger integrated campaign that positions Tasmania (or Tassie as it’s affectionately known) as a unique destination for travelers who need a break from the stresses of modern life. This one shows a bunch of nudies taking part in Hobart’s Nude Winter Solstice. Did I mention Tasmania is also really cold???? Anyway, I like the print work best because it really lets the line shine– shine bright like a glow worm – which you can also find in Tassie by the way.

Come Down for Air. I’m very down with it.

Nike – Last

I love everything about this spot. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.


It’s the antidote to cliché sports ads in the best possible way. The spot salutes a last-place marathon runner who’s slowly, but determinedly, trudging her way towards the finish line and features the best opening line ever written:

“If you look up the word ‘marathon’, it will tell you that the first person that ran 26.2 miles died. He died. And he was a runner.”

While street sweepers clean around her, she ploughs on to Aretha Franklin belting out “Every Little Bit Hurts” while the VO continues…

“You are not a runner. You are especially not a marathon runner, but at the end of this, you will be.”

The script is so brilliantly restrained and perfectly delivered by actress Rooney Mara.

This ad even made me want to run. But then I remembered how much I loathe it so took my cat for a walk instead.

True story.

One I Don’t Like

Corona – Closer to Her

Look, I feel weird ragging on someone else’s work considering I know how hard it is to make anything these days…BUT…if I had to choose an ad that grinds my gears right now it would be this one. Mostly because I feel like it’s stalking me every time I turn on the telly.

It’s a manifesto-style spot that sees pro Aussie surfer Stephanie Gilmore strut her stuff on some big waves somewhere very dreamy (Fiji I think??).

Personally, I find manifesto-style scripts excruciating to listen to. Maybe because I spend my days writing so damn many of them. Clients seem to love them, and they absolutely have their place, but gee whiz they can really make for some very beige and boring advertising.

Stephanie voices the spot which might also be part of the problem. A seven-time world champion surfer? Yes. A talented voice over artist? Yeah nah.

Ok, my creative guilt is setting in so I’m going to stop now. Stephanie if you’re reading this, forgive me.

Ellie Dunn

Ellie Dunn

Ellie is a Copywriter at Leo Burnett Melbourne

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