Three Trends to Look For in 2024: Luke Lim – CEO of Supermom

We ask industry leaders to give us their take on what’s to come in the year ahead and reflect on the year that’s passed.

As the great Prince once sang, “I have seen the future, and it will be.”

With the New Year just passed, and another trip around the sun completed, it’s that time once again to take a peek into the future and offer up what we think it will be.

As part of an annual series, we asked industry leaders what they see coming in the year ahead while also looking at the year just passed.


Next up is Luke Lim, Group CEO, Supermom, taking a look ahead, a look back, and at the fate of his New Year’s resolution for 2023.

Looking Ahead

What are three trends to look for in the coming year?

1. Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of AI technologies such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and advanced video production platforms such as MidJourney is not just a trend—it represents a revolution in the world of content creation. These tools are ushering in a new era in content creation, turbocharging the creative process with unprecedented speed and efficiency.


Creators can now transform a fleeting thought into a video script or vivid painting in mere moments. This isn’t just a boon for seasoned creators; it’s a gateway for anyone with a story to tell, breaking down barriers and initiating a new dawn of diverse and dynamic content forms.

2. Community and WOM marketing

The importance of community marketing and word-of-mouth will only grow stronger and more deep-seated. That’s because these organic communities leverage the authenticity and trust within groups across platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, Zalo, WeChat and Facebook groups. Here, consumers actively engage and share, valuing peer recommendations over traditional advertising.

This ongoing shift signifies a deeper change in consumer behavior, where personal endorsements within community networks have an increasingly stronger influence on purchasing decisions.

“The importance of community marketing and word-of-mouth will only grow stronger and more deep-seated.”

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing—a model in which brands partner with individuals or other companies to promote their products in exchange for a commission—is becoming a key driver of success in a growing number of categories. This approach, embraced by industry giants such as Tesla, involves incentivizing customers through affiliate referrals, even in markets where they already have a strong presence.

This strategy is not confined to one sector but is being adopted across various industries. For instance, the paper-like note-taking tablet startup reMarkable and sports heavyweight Adidas are both thriving thanks to the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing programs.

In an era where trust is a critical currency, the affiliate marketing approach stands out as a potential game-changer. It’s not just about selling products. It’s about creating meaningful relationships and propelling brands to increased consumer engagement and loyalty.

Looking Back

Your favourite trend of 2023

My favourite trend was AI – it is equivalent to the Internet revolution and is likely to set the pace for the tech industry in the coming decades. I can only see this adoption accelerating in 2024.

This is an exciting trend and players like us will be riding them to spark more opportunities to empower their users and communities.

Your favourite campaign of 2023?

My favourite campaign was Tuvalu, the First Digital Nation: Rising Sea Levels Propel the Pacific Island Nation Towards the Metaverse.

This project saw the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu create a Digital Nation, starting from the creation of a digital twin of one of its islands. What I loved about the campaign was how it was solving a real world problem using a new technology such as the metaverse, pushing boundaries creatively while making a huge impact. It’s no surprise that this campaign managed to win all the big industry accolades, including the Dan Wieden Titanium Lions Grand Prix at Cannes.

What was your 2023 New Year’s Resolution and did you keep it?

My New Year’s resolution was to support and impact more parents on their journey as caregivers. As a father of four, I realise how challenging parenting can be and the important role that communities can play.

I would say I’ve succeeded a fair bit as Supermom has expanded into three new markets—Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam—empowering the parenting communities in these countries with novel and creative approaches.

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