Three Trends to Look For in 2024: Alex Li – KAWO

We ask industry leaders to give us their take on what’s to come in the year ahead and reflect on the year that’s passed.

As the great Prince once sang, “I have seen the future, and it will be.”

With the New Year just passed, and another trip around the sun completed, it’s that time to take a peek into the future and offer up what we think it will be.

As part of an annual series, we asked industry leaders what they see coming in the year ahead while also looking at the year just passed.


Next up is Alex Li, CEO, KAWO – gazing ahead, looking back, and revealing the fate of his New Year’s resolution for 2023.

Looking Ahead

What are three trends to look for in the coming year?

1. The marketer’s AI social media companion

2024 will see AI turn from hype to reality. With more users spending more time interacting on social media and more content created by both consumers and brands, there will be a deluge of data available for marketers to process and analyse, adding to the already laborious task many struggle with.


The integration of AI tools into SaaS products and social media management platforms has the potential to help manage the increasing content, data, and metrics on social media. The benefits can be huge.

Brands will be able to process vast amounts of data including analysing social media interactions in real-time to uncover public perceptions, tracking brand mentions and sentiment, gauging consumer attitudes toward brands and their competitors, and analysing metrics and performance of social media campaigns.

2. Generative insights, not just generative content

While AI generative content has emerged as the focal buzz, AI’s potential can go deeper into providing real-time insights and strategies that are thoroughly researched yet generated quickly – forecasting trends, consumer behaviour, market dynamics, and best practices.

“As millennials and Gen Zs seek authenticity and content relevant to their real-life experience, brands that understand this will do more than churn out content on their official owned platforms.”

Data visualisation and interpretation, powered by AI, will help transform complex data sets into understandable visual formats and make them actionable. These insights will allow brands to optimise their campaigns, pivot directions when necessary, and even predict future trends and behaviours to guide decision-making.

The impact goes beyond social media strategies and campaigns, and can transform social media as a key tool that guides a brand in its entire business function, from product development and strategy to customer experience, loyalty and retention, risk management and operational efficiency.

3. Competition for attention on social media will soar

Brand saturation on social media is reaching its peak – in today’s digital age, almost every brand, big or small, has a presence on social media. Even with consumers spending more time on social media, it will be harder to get their attention and brands will need to do more, innovatively, to stand out.

In the past years, we’ve seen the power of user-generated content and how influential it can be. And as millennials and Gen Zs seek authenticity and content relevant to their real-life experience, brands that understand this will do more than churn out content on their official owned platforms.

Beyond engaging influencers, brands are starting to realise the potential of employees as brand advocates. Whether it might be featuring the real people behind organisations that give a raw, authentic feel (as opposed to overly produced material), or encouraging employees to share about the brand’s products or content on their own social media.

Looking Back

1. Your favorite trend of 2023?

The way people search online is changing, and in 2023, we saw the rise of social search. It’s fascinating to see how more and more users in China are using social media such as WeChat and Douyin to find answers to their questions and for discovery, replacing traditional search powerhouses such as Baidu as their primary search engine.

Behind this growing consumer trend is the craving for authentic content with users spending more time on social media platforms; a clear sign that social media’s role in the consumer journey will only grow in the years to come.

2. Your favorite campaign?

My favourite moments and campaigns are when brands collaborate to create magic. Particularly, this year, there were many that stood out – from Luckin & Maotai, Fendi & Heytea, Disney & Li-Ning and more. Brands are becoming more adventurous and creative, and in 2023, we’ve seen collaborations that are not atypical, across industries that seem irrelevant to each other, which makes it exciting when it works.

For example, who would have thought that a collaboration between an affordable tea drink chain and a luxury brand would spark a craze for the beverages while also bringing awareness and showcasing Fendi’s new range of handbags.

Key to the campaign was the use of social media to create buzz, with the campaign going viral on social media in China and Heytea’s official social media accounts featuring Fendi’s iconic colour scheme.

This brought together a synergistic online-offline marketing strategy that saw consumers visiting and purchasing from physical retail stores, with owned, paid, earned, and user-generated content promoting the campaign – achieving the trifecta of scale, strengthening brand image, and increase in conversions, sales and revenue.

3. What was your 2023 New Year’s Resolution and did you keep it?

My 2023 New Year’s Resolution was to see AI-powered features introduced and available on the KAWO platform. And we made it happen!

Our AI Audit feature provides comprehensive AI-powered checks of sensitive content in texts, images, and videos before publishing that will help protect brands.

Check out our Three Trends series here.


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