Three Trends I See for 2023: Adeline Siow & Kenneth Foo – BBH Singapore

We ask industry leaders to give us their take on what’s to come in the year ahead and reflect on the year passed.

Adeline Siow & Kenneth Foo

2022 has made its exit as another trip around the sun kicks in and we head into the orbit of a New Year.

As part of a special series we’ve asked industry leaders to offer up their take on the year passed, and what they predict might come in the year ahead.

Next up is Adeline Siow & Kenneth Foo – Associate Creative Directors at BBH Singapore offering us a taste of 2022 and a helping of 2023.


Looking Ahead – Three Trends I See in 2023:

Advertising will stop being so obsessed with the “metaverse idea”

Now that the metaverse has been bouncing around for a while to be honest everyone has a metaverse idea tucked away in their drawer somewhere], maybe we’d wake up to the fact that we are probably advertising to 5 people in the metaverse, and focus on tech and innovations that make the real world cooler, fingers crossed.

We’re always playing around and testing lots of new tech in the office thanks to BBH Innovation Labs, and we see lots of potential for brands to use tech to reinvent real world norms and give it a fresh new zag.

Brands need to resist the convergence into bland, beige sameness


The redesign of logos that all look the same. The brand lines that all start to sound like the generic, same, safe, nice lines. Bring back the funny lines, the daring lines, the bolder colours!

More importantly, we have to stand out and be memorable. Because that’s still what sells stuff, and makes an impact.

Crocs will launch an exclusive line for cats

We’re just manifesting this on our vision board at the moment. This just might be the collab that breaks the internet (again). For actual cool [and real] trends though, there are actually dedicated, trendier-than-us people at BBH that trawl the depths of the internet to update us all with fresh new stuff every couple of months.

It’s an entertaining and informative series called Culture Bleats, and it’s generously shared on the BBH Singapore LinkedIn account here.

Looking Back on 2022

Your favorite trend:

Personally, it’s “goblin mode”. It truly won Oxford’s word of the year for a reason…ultra-relatable to all of us who truly need a breather from optimising the heck out of our lives.

Your favorite campaign of 2022:

A: The work out of Uncommon Creative Studio for British Airways. It’s a writer’s dream campaign, and the writing is so stellar, relatable and on-point. Strategically, it hits at just the right moment too, with the revenge travel movement kicking into high gear, and the world really falling into love with their very own, incredibly personal reasons to travel again.

K: AC.1 “Walking Boot” by Mschf. The use of medical equipment that looks so ugly, and functional as a base and just turning that into really cool, wearable shoes is just clever, and well-played.

It reads very well as a viral media moment too, you can immediately imagine people would be fascinated with it and the headlines that would accompany it.
Link here

What was your 2022 New Year’s Resolution and did you keep it?

A: I wanted to cook more. Then I realised cooking stresses me out instead of keeping me sane, which is not really an ideal state to be in after a loooooooong day at the office.

K: My new year’s resolution was to eat healthy for 2022 and I managed to do that for 32 straight days.

Adeline Siow & Kenneth Foo

Adeline Siow & Kenneth Foo

Adeline & Kenneth are Associate Creative Directors at BBH Singapore

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