Three Trends I See for 2023: Nahil Kang – Creative Director, Media.Monks Korea

We ask industry leaders to give us their take on what’s to come in the year ahead and reflect on the year passed.

With Lunar New Year this weekend, the world is well on its way into another journey around the sun as 2023 has fully departed the starting blocks.

As part of a special series we’ve asked industry leaders to offer up their take on the year passed, and what they predict might come in the year ahead.

Next up is Nahil Kang, Creative Director at Media.Monks Korea, offering up his insight on the year ahead with some thoughts on the year past.


Looking Ahead – Three Trends I See in 2023:

1. The quality of digital content is just going to keep getting better with brands constantly fighting for attention, new creators rising from every corner of the world, and platforms giving them all the tools they need to express their creativity. As a result, global consumers will continue to spend more and more time watching digital content even in a post-pandemic world.

2. In uncertain times, brands will need to be more agile and rely even more on data to have a better understanding of their audience and the digital ecosystem. In an era where ROI marketing rules, everything needs to be backed up by data and creativity with no exception.

Tell the story with the right strategy to the right audience on the right platforms and channels with the right timing along with creativity at heart to build the bond between brands and their audiences. This is where the magic happens.

3. I’m curious to see where the hype of Web3 will lead us and how our industry and key tech players are going to shape the future of metaverse, XR, and the way brands communicate. For instance, I really like how Utility NFTs are now giving holders rewards and other benefits linked to ownership in the real world.


It feels much more practical and I think that’s what your average consumer needs in order to start embracing new technologies.

Looking Back on 2022

Your favorite trends:

Generative AI. Both exciting and terrifying. A lot of people have been raving about emerging use cases but there are still a lot of ethical, safety and copyright questions that need to be answered.

Your favorite campaigns of 2022:

What was your 2022 New Year’s Resolution and did you keep it?

Finding time to read is always a challenge so one of my friends suggested audiobooks. Now I listen to them when I commute, work out, or even clean the house.

Nahil Kang

Nahil Kang

Nahil is Creative Director at Media.Monks Korea.

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