Three Trends I See in 2023: Laurent Thevenet – Head of Creative Technology, Publicis Groupe APAC & MEA

We ask industry leaders to give us their take on what’s to come in the year ahead and reflect on the year that’s almost gone.

As part of a year-end series we’ve asked industry leaders to offer up their take on 2022, and what they expect to see in the year ahead.

Next up is Laurent Thevenet, Head of Creative Technology for Publicis Groupe APAC, Middle-East & Africa.

In his position, Thevenet straddles technology and creativity at a junction where he constantly experiments in fields such as the creative use of AI, machine learning, and generative design. A native of France, he joined Publicis Groupe in October 2021 from R/GA Singapore where he founded the APAC R/GA Prototype Studio.


Looking Ahead – Three Trends I See in 2023:


The use of AI for creativity is a few years old but the breakthrough really happened in 2022 when solutions like OpenAI DALL-E 2 and Midjourney made it easy for creatives to start playing in this space. Engineering abilities were suddenly not needed.

The innovation in this space didn’t stop there. It is even accelerating with emerging solutions such as text-to-video and text-to-music being made available to the most advanced users right now. I believe our industry is going to start adopting these technologies at scale in 2023.

The Augmented World


The “Metaverse” may be a buzzword but some of the technologies associated with it are probably the future of consumer experiences. AR has become mainstream thanks to Instagram and TikTok filters but its quality is also improving dramatically with the latest Mixed Reality headsets such as the Oculus Quest Pro.

We are expecting new AR consumer devices to come to market in 2023 to start a new generation of experiences overlayed onto the real world.

Digital Sustainability

Carbon emissions are rarely associated with our usage of the Internet. The reality is that digital experiences are emitting carbon through the technical stacks that deliver them (from the data centres to the user devices). Platforms such as Google Cloud are starting to propose low-emission data centres while online calculators are helping to estimate the impact of digital experiences, such as websites and mobiles, built by agencies.

As more brands are focused on sustainability, we can anticipate agencies being more conscious about the carbon impact of the digital experiences and content they will develop for their clients.

Looking Back on 2022

Your favorite trend:


Your favorite campaign of 2022?


What was your 2022 New Year’s Resolution and did you keep it?

I am a technologist and I really believe in being one step ahead of what our industry considers innovation. That’s a permanent promise since I started in this industry and I guess I did it again this year.


Picture of Laurent Thevenet

Laurent Thevenet

Laurent is the Head of Creative Technology at Publicis Groupe APAC & MEA

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