Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t…Know How I Feel About – Natalie Knight

Each week Branding in Asia asks industry experts to write about two ads they like and one not so much. On tap this week is Natalie Knight – Creative Director at Colenso BBDO.

In her take, Knight adds a slight twist – writing about two ads that she likes, and one she is not sure exactly how she feels about now.

This after revelations surfaced with the organization behind the immediately iconic, globally-adored campaign that launched in March of last year for International Women’s Day.


Two Ads I like

Thinking that makes my pits sweat – Tide

I’m always doing laundry. Laundry is soooo boring. But not Tide. Tide cleaned up the Superbowl. Hijacked every product category and packed in more funny bits.

Suddenly every ad with clean clothes is a Tide ad. They simply and instantly altered my perspective of everything. So clean, so clean. That’s the kind of thinking that makes my pits sweat.

More sweaty pits – Old Spice

Luckily, I use Old Spice so my armpits are barren wastelands devoid of moisture. I love this dry spot, it’s so unexpected. It makes me feel sad that I’m not cultivating potatoes and I don’t eat potatoes. Wish I was writing such ridiculousness. So far from serious.  Don’t get me wrong, I love serious stuff, too.

One Ad I’m No Longer Sure About

Less sweaty pits – Fearless Girl

It challenges you. It divides. It unites. It ignites debate. There is power in that, but with power comes responsibility. I have to admit I fell out of love with her because I felt manipulated. When those supporting the cause, State Street Corp., ironically hadn’t practiced it.

Yes, I mind the gap. Did that matter? Were they winners like Lance Armstrong is a winner?

But Fearless Girl bit the hand that feeds. She started something that couldn’t be ignored, not even by the company who created her. She embodies the power of an idea.

And there’s no power greater than creativity.


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