Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Konstantin Popovic

Konstantin Popovic, CEO, GREY group Singapore.

Each week Branding in Asia asks leaders from the ad industry to share two ads they like, and one they are not too crazy about. This week, Konstantin Popovic, the CEO of Grey Group Singapore, chimes in with his picks.

One of the pieces that I liked most lately has been the Apple campaign for the launch of the new HomePod.

Instead of trying to explain all its functionalities and technical advantages Apple has made a four-minute music video by Spike Jonze that is pure entertainment. It’s basically an ad that does not look like an ad.


An amazing audiovisual show that’s a very well-crafted, 100% sensory staging, that evokes a new dimension of how to enjoy music in your home.

Ikea Pregnancy Test

Another piece that I really like is Ikea’s Pregnancy Test, precisely because it is the opposite. A campaign in a medium as traditional as print that manages to reinvent the barriers of this media.

Regardless of the idea, it seems to me a very brave and interesting proposal of the use of the print medium from the point of view of media innovation, that shows how a simple promo campaign can become a part of pop culture.


What I Don’t Like

Rather than a particular ad, something that I don’t like is how advertising has become much more intrusive.

The appearance of ad-blockers is a symptom that people do not want to see advertising content that they do not enjoy.

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The advertising that I do not like is work that does not understand this context and continues to bombard people without understanding that today, more than ever, there are tools available to consumers to limit the consumption of content they do not want to see.

Konstantin Popovic

Konstantin Popovic

Konstantin Popovic is the CEO of Grey Group Singapore

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