Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Carles Puig

After spending time at Cannes Lions this year enjoying the best that creativity has to offer, it is difficult to choose only two ads that I like. So, here go my chosen ones!

Two Ads I like

My Line by Google

Tor Myhren, jury president of Innovation Lions, said that this is the kind of idea that due to its simplicity, one wonders, why it did not occur to anyone sooner.

Many would also add, this is the kind of idea that can cause envy due to its brilliance.


Step in My Line by Google. In a world where we use the Internet to get all kinds of information, there are still remote places in Colombia where there is still no access to the Internet or smartphones. That’s why the Colombian Government’s Ministry of Communications collaborated with Google to create MyLine. An idea that gives access to the Internet from any terminal simply by calling a phone number that connects you to a voice assistant.

Two technologies that already exist, the past and the future working together, to give a total innovative solution. An example of how creativity and innovation can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

TagWords – Budweiser

In most cases, big ideas are born out of big problems. In this case, Budweiser did not have a big problem, but a great opportunity.


Budweiser was a brand always present backstage in the music scene but more in the role of a partner than as a sponsor. This unique opportunity allowed them to capture extraordinary and often never seen before material.

The question was how to share this content – the historical moments with the likes of rock legends such as Mike Jagger, Ozzy Osborne, Alice Cooper, Jimmy Hendrix and so many more -how best to leverage off this nostalgia if they were unable to show it? Well, Budweiser found a modern and innovative solution -they could tell their audience WHERE to find the content instead. Very Clever. Genius actually.

TagWords is a powerful graphic campaign of beautifully executed headlines that uses the intelligence of Google to find and display priceless historical images of the brand with great stars of music -without having to pay for the rights to do so. All done by simply googling the words associated with each image. Hacking the system. Music to my ears. Amazing.

Ads I Don’t Like

The ads I don’t like are those that are meaningless. They are usually the ones that lack creativity, innovation and/or solutions, these are the ones that are easily forgettable. There is such brilliant work out there that comes out from all corners of the world that the benchmark is set high. Sometimes the simplest ideas not only provide the greatest solutions but are also the ones best remembered.

Carles Puig

Carles Puig

Carles Puig is the Executive Creative Director at Grey Group Singapore

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