Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Becky Morriss

Ideally, we’d fill our pantries with fresh produce from farmer’s markets but for the most part, we do our shopping on auto-pilot. Choice of supermarket is often based on what’s nearest to home or where we grew up shopping with our parents. But every now and then an ad will shake up our thinking and make us reconsider our mindless shopping decisions.

Two Ads I Like

ALDI Deals: Tuna

I like this ad for a number of reasons. It’s such a true insight into tuna and discount shopping; one that I know I’m definitely guilty of. If the world ends tomorrow, you’ll be ok at my house as the cupboards are stocked full of knee-jerk purchases of discounted tuna.


The insight and idea are so simple, and the execution is relatable and humorous. I really like how they’ve used sound to draw you in; you find yourself wondering if the tins will ever stop falling. It definitely makes you reconsider the supermarket you use and think twice about buying things just because they’re on sale.

Money Supermarket: He-Man and Skeletor 

It’s been around for a while, but this is still one of my favorite ads. Although it’s not for a traditional supermarket, this ad is so wonderfully weird that it makes you want to use the money supermarket comparison services or at the very least find out more about their epic savings. It uses characters and soundtrack perfectly.

One I Don’t Like

Lidl: The Eggplant


I don’t mind a cheeky ad and can appreciate the humour behind this campaign but I’m not so sure that phallic jokes will be appreciated as a Valentine’s Day gift. Maybe pass on giving your Valentine an eggplant and cook them a Moussaka instead; you’ll get far more brownie points from your partner. 


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