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Anish Varghese

We’re the creators, and we’re in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them. We are driven to envision how the product is going to solve a problem by understanding how it’s going to affect their daily lives; when we succeed in doing that, that’s where great advertisements happen.

Two Ads I Like (Out of Many…)

Ambuja Cement “A Giant’s Story” (Publicis India)

Storytelling in a boring category, cement, which unexpectedly succeeds in being pure entertainment. The approach of blending Ambuja Cement’s product benefits together with Khali the Great’s life story is a magnificent one. It’s a truly funny ad which people can share, and not just pure commercialism. 


Budweiser “Puppy Love” (Anomaly)

It’s not just the puppy that makes this ad lovable, but the celebration of the bond between buddies, which we all love to see and share with our own buddies.

The ad is heartwarming with just the right amount of emotion. I’m inspired by the creators for their braveness in doing an ad where the product branding is very subtle.


It’s no surprise that Americans recently voted this ad as their favorite Super Bowl spot of all time.

One I really don’t like

Tropicana “Slice” 

If an advertisement conveys an unsubstantial message, we may just pay no mind and neglect it. In this representation, the celebrity value is beating the brand and the execution is shifting the impression of the product.

Indians acknowledge food as ‘Annam Brahma’ (Food is God), so the creators of this ad could have used that insight to do something a lot more aspiring, appealing and beautiful.

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Anish Varghese

Anish Varghese

Anish Varghese is Chief Creative Officer at Isobar India.

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