Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Albert Chan

Communication today is not just about selling a product. The most important thing is how a brand can communicate to the consumers and how consumers can relate to the brand – this can be accomplished by using emotions. By making them laugh, cry, think, and you will get their attention.

Growing up in a background where people are always striving for success and are never allowed to make mistakes, this ad got me the most.

The close bonding moment between Father and Son, the powerful end message that “shit happens and you should just laugh and never regret it” makes it one of the strongest ads I have ever seen. HEIMAT Berlin Agency for Hornbach “No regrets. From big failures”


The second ad is another emotional ad that I think deserved to get more hype. When I saw this ad for the first time, I was so impressed by the crafting of the creators that I instantly felt like I would love to work with them for a project one day.

The combination of music and VO saying: Walking the roads of our youth. Through the land of our childhood our home and our truth. Be near me, guide me, always stay beside me so I can be free. Free.” takes me somewhere else and makes me feel the longing for home.

Johnnie Walker “Dear Brother”


One I don’t like

This ad launched this year in several Asian countries. I choose this ad as the one ad I don’t like because it has the potential to backfire. Reason being, in some Asian countries like Indonesia, online taxi services are one of the main drivers of traffic congestion because everyone now wants to buy a car so they can become an UBER driver. If this ad was created to promote public transportation, it could’ve been a nice ad with cool art direction- but not for UBER.

UBER Boxes | Let’s Unlock Cities


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