Think You Know Singapore? Think Again Says New Travel Campaign

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched a new campaign via TBWA\ Singapore that looks to give travelers a taste of not only the city state’s iconic landmarks but also the lesser-known sights and unexpected experiences as travel begins to open up again. The film is part of the SingapoReimagine campaign which “welcomes travelers to realize their passion to travel again.”

The at times campy two-minute film features Singaporeans from all walks of life as a way to showcase travel offerings through its people and their passions and invites the world to look at Singapore with a fresh perspective.


“With border restrictions gradually being lifted, people are now looking forward to their long-awaited travel and opportunities to maximize their experiences,” said Andy Grant, Executive Creative Director, TBWA\ Singapore.

“Hence the importance for us to challenge the perceptions of Singapore as just a small city, just all skyscrapers, just one island; and show the world how it is so much more.”

Ms Choo Huei Miin, Director, Brand, Singapore Tourism Board said, “SingapoReimagine urges the rediscovery of new possibilities, to be enjoyed and explored through fresh and unexpected ways. As Singapore reopens, we are excited to welcome travel back and what better way but have us; Singaporeans spotlighting these experiences and their passions throughout the film.”

“It was a great opportunity to welcome travellers back with a bang by positioning Singapore in a bold, unique and novel way, and expressed through the diversity and inclusiveness of our people, our places and our experiences,” added Ara Hampartsoumian, Chief Executive Officer, TBWA\Group Singapore.


Film Director Roslee Yusof of The P Film Company added, “I wanted to show the world a place they have seen before, in a way they would never imagine it. There were so many firsts for me, from speeding FPV drones, to drones that had cameras top mounted, to taking a boat, then kayaking 30 mins to get a two-second shot. All this made me nervous, but it also made me realise we were constantly reimagining how we shoot Singapore.”

The SingapoReimagine global film aims to support top-of-mind awareness and recapture mindshare amongst global audiences. It showcases a different side of what the city has to offer, from exciting new attractions and novel dining concepts, to wellness reprieves and sustainable experiences. The film featured many different locations in Singapore, such as SkyHelix, Cloudstreet, Southern Islands, Haw Par Villa and Henderson Waves.

Personalities featured (in order of appearance):

  • Nicole Midori Woodford (Award-winning filmmaker)
  • C.S. Ling (Award-winning wildlife photographer)
  • Jerome Dass (Edible Garden City staff)
  • Yung Raja (Rapper)
  • Ong Bee Yan (Part time model, Entrepreneur)
  • Sandra Riley Tang (Singer-songwriter)
  • Yip Pin Xiu (Paralympic gold medallist)
  • Mark Tai (First winner of the Michelin Guide Singapore’s Young Chef Award, head chef of Cloudstreet)
  • Vijay Mudaliar (Award-winning bartender and co-owner of Analogue Initiative Bar)
  • Narajan Singh (Raffles Hotel)
  • Ted Chen (CEO of EverComm)
  • Chloe Chua (Violinist)
  • Speak Cryptic (Artist)


Client: The Singapore Tourism Board (STB)
Creative Agency: TBWA\ Singapore
Production: P Film Company

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