There Might Be Poop in Your Chicken – PETA Takes Comedic Approach in New Campaign

PETA is calling on companies to ‘cut the crap’ and label their products honestly or, better yet, sell vegan chicken instead.

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Great Guns

PETA has launched a new campaign warning consumers about chicken with a simple message: ‘Don’t Eat It! There’s Poop in There!’

The campaign is part of PETA’s push for restaurants and grocery stores to label their products to let consumers know the amount of fecal matter they contain.

The campaign includes a 45-second spot directed by Great Guns USA’s Justin Casselle, called “PETA Delivers Truly ‘Fowl’ News About Chicken Poop” which sees PETA’s protagonist read a news alert on her phone: “If you’re eating chicken, you’re eating poop.”


The message transforms the way she perceives the world as she goes about her day – culminating in her eventually knocking a plate of her own homemade chicken pasta out of a friend’s hand as she shouts, “Don’t eat it! There’s poop in there!”

“Knowing that chicken parts are basically marinating in feces is enough to make anyone switch to vegan vittles,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman in a release.

“PETA is calling on companies to ‘cut the crap’ and label their products honestly or, better yet, sell vegan chicken instead.”


In a news release, PETA points out that the US federal government “only has a policy against visible feces on the production line and that faster slaughter speeds now increase the risk of contamination.”

Image via PETA


Production Company: Great Guns USA
Director: Justin Casselle
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Head of Production: Becca Radin
Executive Assistant: Kelsy Haden
Producer: Ramone Hulet
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2nd AC: Layton Herbert
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Key Grip: Emilio Marcilino
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Prop Assistant: Jacob Boyle

Sound Mixer: Tomasso Pompeii
Sound Designer& Mixer: Batsirayi Zesaguli
Editor: Andrew Henry
Colorist: Ron Sudul
Music Score: Francis Watkoskey

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