The World Serves Andre Agassi Mullets Everywhere he Turns in New Uber One Ad

“Not having a mullet and mullets are back.”


For those of you who’ve been around a bit, you will remember the great Andre Agassi known for his tennis and his hair. That was then, this is now, and not having a mullet when mullets are back could leave even the most confident crestfallen.

That’s where it stands for the former tennis superstar and the sports’ original mullet man as he laments his hair loss but rings up the savings in a new campaign for Uber One via Special.

As the hairless Agasse looks around at a mullet-filled world (words we never thought we would utter) at least not all things are disappointing with his saving from Uber one



“Working in collaboration with an internationally celebrated figure like Andre Agassi enables us to embed that message in an unforgettably compelling way,” said Uber ANZ’s head of marketing, David Griffiths.

“We anticipate this campaign will both underline that Uber One’s ‘savings don’t disappoint’ and be a precursor to more mullets appearing in sports clubs and workplaces in 2024. We make no apologies for either.”


Special Uber APAC Creative Director, James Sexton adds: “Life’s full of disappointments, a first date, the ending of that TV show, the adaptation of your favourite feline-based theatrical show, or simply that mullets are back and the majestic mullet you had in your prime is long gone; luckily for Andre and all Aussies, Uber One savings are definitely not disappointing.”


There it is. (Image via Uber)



Sr. Marketing Director, International: Lucinda Barlow

Director of Marketing, APAC: Andy Morley

Head of Marketing, ANZ: David Griffiths

Sr Marketing Manager, Brand Lead, ANZ: Channa Goonasekara

Marketing Manager, ANZ: Rebecca Selth

Marketing Associate, ANZ: Holly Dover

Senior Manager, Communications, ANZ: Nick Vindin

Executive Creative Director, International: Jerome Austria

Creative Director, APAC: Adam Ledbury

Media Lead, APAC: Louisa Chu

Strategy Lead, APAC: Josh Pickstone

Legal Director & Talent Manager, ANZ: Cameron Loughlin

Legal Counsel & Talent Manager, ANZ: Jessica Shao

Social Media Senior Associate, ANZ: Chanelle Murray

Social Media Associate, ANZ: Vince Lam



Partners/CEO: Lindsey Evans & Cade Heyde

Partners/CCO: Julian Schreiber & Tom Martin

Creative Directors: James Sexton & Sarah Parris

Creatives: Lauren Regolini, Locki Choi, Edwin Concubierta & Ekin Gunes

Managing Director: Lauren Portelli

Team Lead: Rebecca Grant

Business Directors: Edward Nash & Kelly Griffiths

Business Manager: Genevieve Bowes

Head of Strategy: Celia Garforth

Strategy Director: JJ Bender

Head of Film & Content Production: Sevda Cemo

Senior Producer: Margot Fitzpatrick

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Stills Producer: Danielle Senecky

Head of Design: Adam Shear

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Creative Services Manager: Kristie Dagg

PR Managing Director: Alex Bryant

Creative Strategist: Kate Wilkinson



Director: Dave Wood

Executive Producer: Sam Long

Producer: Lee Thomson

Cinematographer: Ross Giardina


POST PRODUCTION: ARC EDIT                         

Editor: Drew Thompson

Online: Richard Lambert

Executive Post Producer: Daniel Fry

Post Producer: Jess Ryan


AUDIO POST: RUMBLE STUDIOS                                  

Senior Sound Designer: Cam Milne

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Audio Producer: Siena Mascheretti



Photographer: Christopher Tovo

Executive Producers: Matt Chee & Tamiko Wafer



Social Director: James Crawley

Social DOP: George Tyler

Social Offline ​​Editor: Fraser Kelton

Social Online Editor: Brendon Killen


MEDIA AGENCY: EssenceMediacom

Client & Planning Lead: Nathaniel Thompson

Group Strategy Director: Marine Turner

Marketplace Director: Patrick Fakiye

Digital Director: Matt Leahy

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