The Works Appoints Katy Hulton and Elly Pipiciello to Creative Team

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Feb 16, 2021
    The Works Appoints Katy Hulton and Elly Pipiciello to Creative Team

    Elly Pipiciello and Katy Hulton

    The Works has appointed Award School graduates Katy Hulton and Elly Pipiciello to its creative team following new business and organic client growth.

    Copywriter Hulton and Art Director Pipiciello were named top 10 students in New South Wales in the Award School class of 2020.

    “We first met Katy and Elly when they were doing Award School and we’re stoked to see them do as well as they did,” said Guy Patrick, creative director at The Works, part of RXP Group. “Starting a job in a new industry is never easy, and it was certainly not made any easier last year. But they have both stepped into their roles as if they have years of experience behind them. We’ve thrown them into the deep end and not only have they kept their heads above water, but they’re also doing what Olympic water polo goalies do and appear half out of water.”

    Before joining The Works and completing Award School, Hulton worked at The Idea Shed in account management. Pipiciello was a graphic designer, marketing assistant, and creative lead at in-home aged care and disability support services business Just Better Care for more than three years.

    “When two former Award School grads dubbed 2020 as ‘the worst year to graduate Award School, ever’, that didn’t seem like the greatest of omens, but we were pretty determined to find a gig where we would get to work on big briefs and flex our newly honed creative muscles,” said Hulton. “The Works have been the perfect fit for us.”

    “Getting into the Top 10 at Award School was huge and now we have the opportunity to bring that experience to clients at The Works,” added Pipiciello. “We’re loving being part of the team and can’t wait to put some awesome work out into the wild.”


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