The Veronicas ‘Go Solo’ for Campaign in Celebration of Self-Pleasure

“Masturbation is fun. In fact, it’s probs the most fun you can have on your own,” says Vodka Cruiser.


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TBWA Melbourne



Australian pop duo The Veronicas star in a new campaign from Vodka Cruiser that sees the duo releasing music as first-time solo artists – going “solo” as it were in an effort to break the societal stigma associated with female and femme masturbation.

Working with TBWA Melbourne., Vodka Cruiser tapped Jessie and Lisa to launch ‘The Solo Project’ initiative. News of the campaign caused a bit of a stir with fans thinking they were actually splitting up.

They are not.


The creative campaign promoting masturbation (and Vodka Cruiser) was produced by BRING and features the sisters each offering up original tracks and accompanying music videos aimed at empowering self-pleasure while encouraging more people to talk openly about the topic – and also not feeling guilty actually doing it.


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The initiative comes off the back of a survey commissioned by Vodka Cruiser that found that while 72% of Australian women find masturbation to be fun and healthy, 57% admit to feeling ashamed when they do it.

Despite this, 60% believe now is the time for self-pleasure to be normalized, and a third want more people to be talking openly about the topic.

As Vodka Cruiser writes on its website: “Only 1 in 3 women are confident talking about masturbation. But silence won’t remove the stigma. So we’re putting self-pleasure on the main stage.”

‘The Solo Project has been an incredibly fluid and intimate collaboration between BRING, The Veronicas, Vodka Cruiser and agency partners,” added Brooke Pilton, executive partnerships director at BRING.

“Beyond the music touchpoints, BRING designed and executed a strategy for the singles release campaign, leveraging the vast capabilities of Universal Music Australia encompassing A&R, marketing, media servicing, vinyl production, content and access to exclusive Streaming ad formats only accessible to artists.

‘With “Seeing Stars” and “Cruisin’ On My Own”, we have two genuinely exciting tracks and we cannot wait to see how fans engage with them.’

To further help push the conversation forward and provide education on female and femme self-pleasure, Vodka Cruiser has tapped Australian sex and relationship expert, Chantelle Otten to serve as The Solo Project’s official ambassador.

For more information on Vodka Cruiser’s The Solo Project, go here.  or follow Vodka Cruiser on Instagram @vodkacruiser.


Client: Carlton & United Breweries Premium Beverages

Creative Agency: TBWAMelbourne
PR Agency: Eleven

Media Agency: PHD

Music Agency: BRING: Universal Music for Brands
Adam Ireland, General Manager
James Griffiths, Executive Creative Director
Brooke Pilton, Executive Partnerships Director
Jon Darren, Creative Director
James ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson, Creative
Chris Russell, Brand Partnerships Director
Isabella Ziino, Account Manager

Video Production: Eight
Director: Courtney Brookes
Director: Anita Lee
Executive Producer: Lib Kelly
Producer: Jess Belgiovane
DOP: Tyson Perkins
DOP: Alex Leeway
Editor: Jordan Swioklo
Colorist: Alina Bermingham
Online Artist: Jess Morgan
Photographer: Jordan Kirk
Choreographer: Sophie Holloway


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