The ‘Upright Cat Row’ and Other Lockdown Exercises from Gold’s Gym in Indonesia

    A clever new campaign developed by Lup, Jakarta for Gold's Gym offers creative, and quite comical tips on working out at home during COVID-19 Lockdown.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jun 8, 2020
    The ‘Upright Cat Row’ and Other Lockdown Exercises from Gold’s Gym in Indonesia

    Gold’s Gym has launched a clever and quite comical new campaign in Indonesia aimed at people who haven’t been able to hit the gym for a while due to lockdown policies in the country. The print campaign, developed by Lup, Jakarta, is dubbed ”Gym It Yourself“, and offers up a series of step-by-step tutorials on how to train just like you’re at the gym using everyday household items, from the comfort of your home.

    And we’re really talking everyday household items being put to good use. Like “Punching Laundry”, lifting those heavy water bottles, and our favorite, “The Upright Cat Row” – which involves putting your purring pet into a basket and lifting it up and down. Feel the burn!

    “The pandemic has already taken away so many things from us, especially our freedom,” said a release from Lup Jakarta. “The freedom to go wherever we want. The freedom to take care of our loved ones and our bodies. Without being able to jog around the neighborhood or go to the gym to train, Indonesians now have to figure out how to keep a healthy lifestyle and to keep their bodies strong. From home.


    Client: Gold’s Gym Indonesia
    Agency: LUP, Jakarta
    Creative Director: Albert Chan, Andika Nugroho
    Art Director: Ardho Khalifa
    Copywriter: Imam Yudia


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