The Ultimate Coverage for Fitness Fanatics from Income Insurance


Income Insurance has launched ‘PA Fitness Protect’, a new personal accident (PA) insurance plan designed to meet the needs of fitness fanatics via a comical character conveyed through “The World’s Safest Athlete”, created in collaboration with BBH Singapore.

In a study carried out by Milieu Insight, 73% of fitness fanatics agree that it is important to have personal accident coverage, but less than half of them have PA coverage. This heightened understanding of “fitness protection” is reflective of Singapore’s fitness culture with more than a million people exercising regularly.

Income Insurance recognized this gap for fitness-related coverage, specifically customized for fitness enthusiasts. To close this gap, Income Insurance has been pushing its PA portfolio as a fitness/sports coverage solution for more than 18 months, collaborating with award-winning athlete, Shanti Pereira as its brand ambassador, launching “comeback workouts” and becoming the official insurance sponsor for Singapore Athletic Association.


Drawing on the trope of preened in-flight safety announcements, a stylised film was created, entitled ‘The Super Safety Briefing’, which follows the journey of ‘The World’s Safest Athlete’ who becomes increasingly dressed in padded clothing in the attempt to avoid any injury, whilst a narrator, mimicking the role of a cabin crew member, gives instructions for his super-safe fitness experience.


The film, created by BBH Singapore airs on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Golden Village, StarHub and the Income Insurance Website.


Dhiren Amin, Chief Customer Officer at Income Insurance, said: “As more people embrace an active lifestyle to enhance their mental and physical health, there also comes a heightened risk of potentially sustaining injuries. While there are more than one million fitness enthusiasts in Singapore, many lack or do not have sufficient sports-related insurance coverage. Being people-first and recognising this gap in customers’ protection needs, we designed an industry-first personal accident plan with 2X coverage for tears, dislocations and fractures^, plus sports equipment coverage. This is especially important when many often overlook adequate coverage for injuries.”

“To push through the clutter, there was no better way to convey our message than through a light-hearted and comical creative film that demonstrates that without adequate coverage, fitness enthusiasts will have to resort to ridiculous over-the-top safety measures to avoid injury, and encourages them to rethink their insurance plans,” Dhiren added.


Client: Income Insurance
Agency: BBH Singapore
Production Company: FACTORY01

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