The Tuesday Take: Real Leadership

Forget the Rulebook and Ignite some Sparks.

Leadership isn’t about smooth sailing; it’s more about navigating waters calm and crazy with a compass that’s calibrated to empathy and a healthy dose of self-deprecation. It’s less about barking orders and more about listening intently, then sharing and articulating a vision so compelling it makes spreadsheets sound sexy. But what makes good leaders, great leaders? Here are 5 things to keep in mind if you want elevate yourself and those around you:

First off, forget micromanaging; true leaders cultivate autonomy, not bonsai trees (I have nothing against Bonsai’s, I swear). It’s about fostering an environment where talent is so empowered that it flourishes, not just survives. Think of it as creating a greenhouse, not a cubicle farm.

Secondly, teamwork isn’t a buzzword, it’s a modus-operandi. Leaders who understand this build cohesive units, not competing ones. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats, even the ones with questionable taste in their spotify playlists.


Thirdly, empathy isn’t just for Hallmark cards. Leaders who genuinely care about their team create a culture of trust and loyalty that outperforms any material incentive. It’s about recognizing that we are not just resources, but complex individuals with lives beyond the 9 to 5. And please, please, please ditch the corporate jaron and opt for clear, concise communication that wouldn’t put an insomniac to sleep. Foster an environment where ideas are encouraged as much as they are exchanged.

Fourth, leaders are gardeners, not dictators. They cultivate a vision for the future that inspires, not intimidates. Create an environment where innovation thrives, not just survives. Remember, the best ideas can come from anyone regardless of their hierarchy or status.

Fifth. Leaders are not just figureheads; they’re chess players, strategically positioning their team for success. It’s about recognizing potential when you see it, then subtly nudging it towards greatness. And when mistakes happen, as they inevitably will, it’s about turning them into learning opportunities, not public floggings. So avoid pointing that finger, and turn it into an extended open hand.

So, here’s to the leaders who dare to be human, who lead with their hearts, who embrace their flaws, who laugh at their own jokes (even when they’re not funny), and who understand that leadership isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being real.


And finally, it’s important to note that sometimes the best strategy is to embrace the chaos and confidently declare, “This was all part of the plan… obviously.”

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