The Times of India Highlights Togetherness in Durga Puja Campaign ‘Maa Aaschen. Tumi Kothaye?’

The campaign celebrates an emotional connection with people for Kolkata’s biggest festival.


The Times of India


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The Times of India under their campaign Phirey Esho Kolkata, has launched a special edition of “Maa Aashcen. Tumi Kothaye?” on Durga Puja. Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson India, the campaign celebrates togetherness and connection between loved ones during the festival.

‘Maa Aaschen. Tumi Kothaye’ literally means Maa Durga is coming home, where are you? Each year, during this time of the year, loved ones travel back to Bengal to be together for the biggest celebration of the year – the homecoming of Goddess Durga.

According to the campaign: “The beauty and the spirit of the festival is best enjoyed when it can be shared with families and friends. But there are many across the globe and in other Indian cities, who are unable to make it to their home this festive season. Though they will be celebrating the festival with passion in whichever part of the world they are, floods of memories will crowd their minds.”


“‘Maa Aaschen Tumi Kothaye’, is a celebration of this feeling of belonging, of togetherness, and of reaching out to your near and dear ones, who can’t be with you this year. Loved ones will urge those separated to continue with the celebrations wherever they are. The idea is to remind them that they are with you this festive period and that is the real essence of Durga Puja.”

The print campaign brings this alive by showcasing visuals of two friends connecting through a symbol of joining their hands forming a heart. The campaign video is a tale of two friends, who now live in two different cities – Mumbai and Kolkata. The film features actress Priyanka Sarkar and dancer, actress Sreenanda Shankar as friends who share their story of separation and how Durga Puja unites them.

In an endeavor to connect with readers to celebrate with missed loved ones, TOI invited them to share the pictures on Hundreds of entries from Kolkatans and Bengalis across the cities have been received. Select quotes have been featured in the newspaper.


Gini Majumdar, from Kolkata writes “My fifth puja without my son, as he is out of Kolkata for five consecutive years, three years in Bangalore and last two years in Glasgow. Missing him, and hope he joins us next year.”

TOI & Languages Brand Director Kaustuv Chatterjee added: “TOI, India’s most trusted news brand, has always celebrated the incredibly rich socio-cultural fabric of our country. Durga Pujo is one of the largest festivals in the nation, in which people from all sections and communities participate and come together, not just Bengalis, to seek Durga Ma’s blessings.

“Maa Aschen Tumi Kothay, Phire Esho Kolkata” is created for Durga Pujo to celebrate and reinforce this value of coming together, more so with those most precious to us. The campaign is about celebrating togetherness even if they are miles apart from family and friends because our festival teaches us to celebrate ‘life’.

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