The Times of India Campaign Celebrates The Idea of India and the Unity in its Diversity

“The idea of the seamless thread that has held us all together as one nation over the 75 years of our Independence.”


The Times Of India


Wunderman Thompson India

Thinkpot Films

The Times Of India has launched a new film via Wunderman Thompson India that celebrates “the invisible thread that binds us all as one in spite of our diverse differences.” The campaign invites every Indian to participate and celebrate the Idea of India in their own way.

As the campaign describes it: “The ektara that binds a billion voices into one song. The Idea of India represented by the thread of light that embraces our differences and elevates our unity in diversity. The idea of the seamless thread that has held us all together as one nation over the 75 years of our Independence.”

Kaustuv Chatterjee: Brand Director TOI & Languages, said, “Over the past decades India has made rapid strides in various sectors, and this has fuelled a sense of pride in the nation’s growing stature in the world.


In this context, our new initiative from TOI – #WhatMakesUsOne, focuses on the many unifying threads that make up our Idea Of India.”

Senthil Kumar, Chief Creative & Film Director, Wunderman Thompson India, added, “INDIA WAS AN IDEA LONG BEFORE IT BECAME A FREE NATION. It was the song from a thousand years ago. It was the spirit of thousands of freedom fighters.

It was written in blood by the thousands who laid down their lives for our freedom. It was the same thread of unity in diversity and adversity and festivity. It is the same thread that continues to bind us as one nation, in spite of our diverse differences.”


Over a thousand forms of the same thread of light adorn Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Monasteries, Monuments and Statues across India. Giant serial light forms highlight multiple religions and multiple regions, transforming the same thread of light through all our Gods, Angels, Leaders, Idols and Stars to illuminate our villages, towns and cities.

Time travels with the same thread of light through trains, trucks, boats, rickshaws and seamless transitions from one location to another occasion at the speed of light.


The Times Of India Team

Sivakumar Sundaram – Chairman Of the Executive Council (CEC)
Kaustuv Chatterjee – Brand Director – TOI & Languages
Debadyuti Karan – General Manager – TOI, East & Special Projects
Badal Rag – Vice President – TOI, North & East

Wunderman Thompson India Creative Team

Senthil Kumar – Chief Creative Officer
Shams Jasani – Chief Executive Officer
Pinaki Bhattacharya – Chief Strategy Officer
Joy Chauhan – SVP & Managing Partner
Siddharth Prasad – Executive Creative Director
Bhavana Dogra – Executive Business Director
Amrita Hazari – AVP & Client Services Director
Mandeep Singh – Films Head


Music Director: Druv Ghanekar
Lyricist: Swanand Kirkire
Singers: Krishna Beuraa, Rishikesh Kamerkar, Darshan Menon
Sound Studio: Wah Wah Music
Sound Engineer: Ishan Naik, Jash Mistry, PA Deepak
Original Voices of Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Indira Gandhi, AB Vajpayee, Narendra Modi & Rakesh Sharma – Source : Prasar Bharati Network.

Film Production

Production House: Thinkpot Films
Director: Senthil Kumar
Executive Producers: Manoj Pillai, Sunil Nair
Managing Director: Geetha Chalattil
Creative Producer: Krithika Manohar
Director of Photography: Harshvir Singh Oberai
Associate Cinematographer: Arpit Bharde
Cinematographers South: Spoorthi Gupta, Raj Mohan, Chethan KMS
Cinematographers East: Arnab Pal, Prasanta Kumar
Cinematographers West: Mohit Gurjar and Team BrainWings
Cinematographers North: Danish Qazi, Praksh Jain, Ashish Tanwar
Offline Editor: Utsav Bhagat
Online Editor: Dev Nayak
Colorist: Navin Shetty
Post Producer: Mithun Jayaraj
Assistant Editor: Ankit Kadam, Said Ansari
Associate Online Editor: Parag Kakade
Post Artist: Anil Wagle
Post Production Assistant: Nagesh Sanghi
Post Studio: Picture Post Studios
+ Hundreds of Drone Photographers
+ Hundreds of Serial Light Arists from Chennai, Madurai & Kolkata
Chief AD: Ayush Saini
Camera Operator: R K Prathap
1st Assistant Cinematographer: Praveen Pothan
Focus Puller: Gagandeep Bawa
Gaffer: Rasool
Line Producer: Shiv Sharavan Arjun
Production Manager: Nandhini R, Henil Bhawnani
Assistant Production Manager: Rishi

Makeup & Hair: Theja and team
Costume Designer: Tina Rosario
Grips: Venkatesh
Jimmy Jib Operator: Arun Dasan
Panther Operator: Kandeeban, Babu

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