TrueGreen Launches First Brand Campaign, ‘Green is Good’

    By The Staff - Oct 23, 2020
    TrueGreen Launches First Brand Campaign, ‘Green is Good’

    Australian diversified cleantech company, TrueGreen Group has appointed The One Centre to develop a new brand positioning strategy and launch its first-ever brand campaign, ‘Green is Good’.

    The campaign challenges Australians to think about how our collective superannuation savings can be used more purposefully to drive positive change by asking: “What future do you want to create?” From cleaner transport, smarter renewable energy, greener construction to stronger local manufacturing, and more indigenous enterprise, the campaign encourages everyday Australians to think about how they can achieve profits – with purpose – while raising awareness of TrueGreen’s leadership in the cleantech sector.

    “Nearly $3 trillion in Australia’s national wealth is locked up in super savings, making us one of the richest and most resourced nations on earth,” said Kirk Tsihlis, Executive Director at TrueGreen. “Yet much of this money is tied up in legacy businesses in legacy industries, instead of supporting the things that truly matter to our nation’s future. We asked The One Centre to get every Australian thinking about what kind of future they want to create; how they can make a positive impact and drive change.”

    TrueGreen challenged The One Centre to develop a new brand positioning strategy, supported with a launch campaign that raises awareness of its vision. As a positive impact investor in the cleantech space, TrueGreen exists to back our best Aussie cleantech innovators while redefining ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and ethical investing as a vehicle for achieving profit with purpose.

    The TrueGreen portfolio includes companies like Viridi Group, a leader in sustainable building materials; NEXPORT, which is developing electric buses, trucks, taxis, and cars; and MarineScapes, which is reducing environmental waste to protect our waterways.

    “COVID-19 has shown us how vulnerable our social and economic system is, and how reliant we are on global manufacturing and supply chains not to mention the stability and health of our environment,” said John Ford, CEO and Founder of The One Centre.

    “Ethical investing is not a new concept, but many ethical and ESG investments are about ‘negative screening’ or supporting companies that ‘greenwash’, as opposed to owning positive impact investing. This campaign introduces a game-changing idea: by mobilizing our collective resources, we can help to scale true Aussie innovators who are leading the way with real solutions to our biggest environmental, social, and economic challenges. And make a healthier, wealthier, cleaner, and greener Australia for everyone in the process.”

    “Our first campaign for TrueGreen is about engaging everyday Australians and showing them that a better future is within reach if we work together to support initiatives like those powered by TrueGreen,” added Katie Molloy, General Manager at The One Centre.

    The campaign, ‘Green Is Good’, is now running across television, print, outdoor and digital channels. TrueGreen’s new brand positioning was unveiled at the recent launch of TrueGreen’s NEXPORT zero emission all-electric bus fleet when NSW Minister for Transport Andrew Constance explained how TrueGreen is helping the NSW Government to replace 8,000 fossil-fuel-powered busses with an all-electric fleet.


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