The National Youth Council Launches Campfire, a Creative Program for Youths

    The 6-week program is being launched in partnership with *SCAPE and Tribal Worldwide Singapore.

    By The Staff - Apr 2, 2021
    The National Youth Council Launches Campfire, a Creative Program for Youths

    National Youth Council, *SCAPE and Tribal Worldwide Singapore have launched a program called Campfire to foster and facilitate opportunities for youths to develop creative skills with the aim of getting them ready for the real-world challenges of today.

    Based on Tribal Worldwide’s Total Experience framework, Campfire is a bi-annual 6- week intensive program that is specially designed for youths, aged 18 to 35, to help them develop skills in entrepreneurship, design innovation, social enterprise, volunteerism and creative storytelling.

    The program starts with a two-week accelerated course led by the department heads of Tribal Worldwide Singapore, who will use the TX framework to help participants master skill sets, ranging from business consulting to technological innovation.

    They are then challenged to think critically and create solutions for problem statements that the agency will develop with clients, while being mentored by industry professionals from the agency’s network.

    Campfire has onboarded Braintrust Advisors, a panel of local thought-leaders and entrepreneurs. Advisors include Ng Kai Yuan, Co-founder of Our Grandfather Story, Cindy Chng, Co-founder of Hide & Seek, Alvin Yapp, Co-founder of The Social Kitchen, Carmen Low, Director of Afterglow Concepts, and Kent Teo, Founder & CEO of Invade.

    The problem statements given to participants are anchored by NYC’s key themes of Environment and Sustainability, Mental Well-Being, Jobs and the Future of Work, and Support for Vulnerable Groups.

    They are derived from Tribal’s network of clients, with a focus on the up-and-coming – tech start-ups, social enterprises, or nationwide initiatives.

    The 6-week program will culminate into pitching sessions with clients and Braintrust Advisors, with the objective of bringing the best out of the ideas and into fruition.

    “The National Youth Council has always sought to create opportunities for all youth to be heard, be empowered and be the change, while *SCAPE is turning into a hub for creativity, entrepreneurship and careers, and exists to serve and support youth to live their dreams,” said David Chua, CEO of NYC and Chairman of *SCAPE.

    “With this People, Private and Public partnership between NYC, *SCAPE and Tribal Worldwide Singapore, Campfire will support youth by empowering them with real-world experience and skills to thrive amid the pandemic and beyond.”

    The first run of the Campfire program commences on 1 Apr 2021. More information about Campfire can be found on their website.

    “As an agency, we are constantly invested in the future. I believe now is the time to create the strongest Youth launchpad where global brands want to be a part of the narrative, in Singapore and Asia. We want to inspire a generation of youth to care beyond themselves and be plugged into society, especially in this post-pandemic world,” said Jeff Cheong, Deputy CEO of DDB Group Singapore.


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