The ‘Morning Shanghai’ Campaign Aims to Enrich Senior Generation’s Social Lifestyle in China

In 2021, Ogilvy Shanghai introduced “Care Codes” – an initiative, aimed at helping the elderly connect with the digital world. Building on this success, the agency has once again partnered with the Shanghai Municipal Government, launching a new campaign to further modernize eldercare by leveraging creativity and digital technology.

The campaign, “Morning Shanghai” encourages the elderly to socially connect, opening new opportunities for them to diversify their social lifestyle. In the campaign film, featuring the elders entering the nightclub in the morning for their daytime activities, drives attention from the young generation who realize they can celebrate the city beats together with the city’s elders.

The “Morning Shanghai” campaign includes a WeChat mini-program designed specifically for individuals aged 60 and above, facilitating venue booking, whilst also offering a range of F&B discounts, movie tickets, and cultural classes dedicated to seniors.


The “Morning Shanghai” initiative is integrated within the “Le Ling Shen Cheng Morning Shanghai (乐龄申城 早上海)” WeChat service account, which serves as a comprehensive learning platform where seniors can acquire knowledge and digital skills through video tutorials and interactive games, building on the foundation laid by the Care Codes campaign in 2021.

In collaboration with retail partners, the program will distribute over 100,000 coupons to seniors, allowing them to enjoy various offers with their friends and families. Seniors can also volunteer to support “Morning Shanghai” and access nearby service support centers within their neighborhoods.

Sixty-seven retired senior editors from the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee’s Bureau of Veteran Cadres and Shanghai Science and Technology Elderly Service Center, played a pivotal role in the volunteer program under the support of Shanghai Morning Post, becoming the first group of ambassadors and media contributors to share the “Morning Shanghai” lifestyle with the public. They serve as advocates, encouraging more volunteers to participate and expand the program’s offerings to better support the elderly community.


This campaign has received support from several organizations, including the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee’s Bureau of Veteran Cadres, Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Commission Office, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai Administration of Sports, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai United Media Group, Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation, Shanghai Public Service Foundation for Volunteers, and Shanghai Science and Technology Elderly Service Center.

Wei Fei, Group Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy Shanghai, said: “We believe in the power of creativity and innovation. This campaign enriches the leisure lifestyle of the elderly and introduces them to diverse social activities through tailored efforts and digital experiences. It reflects our long-term commitment to inspire positive change in society.”


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