‘The Mom Penalty’ Highlights the Challenges the Pandemic Has Brought on Women Everywhere

    Women Empowered Global's International Women's Day Spot is a moving bit of filmmaking.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Mar 8, 2021
    ‘The Mom Penalty’ Highlights the Challenges the Pandemic Has Brought on Women Everywhere

    Women Empowered Global has launched a new campaign illustrating the brutal toll the pandemic has taken on women across the globe. Stunningly four times as many women as men have dropped out of the workforce.

    “The Mom Penalty” is a moving, nearly three-minute film that showcases just how difficult the past year has been for countless women.

    “As a working mom myself, this subject is very dear to my heart,” said Ruchi Sharma, Founder & CCO of HumanSense.

    “I know first-hand how rough the past year has been for all working moms. From having to give up a high-profile overseas job to starting on my own from scratch, juggling demanding deadlines, working longer hours, navigating the world of remote learning with a young kid, endless housework, and the anxiety of aging parents,” Sharma added.

    “Despite having a supportive spouse, the stress, loneliness, and depression often erupted with me crying on the bathroom floor. This film is personal. And I hope it inspires many to challenge the mom penalty that women have been through this pandemic,” said Sharma.

    The spot which depicts women in all too familiar challenging positions is spliced with data so powerful that some of it is really tough to believe.

    “I am so excited to announce this beautiful, meaningful, and powerful movie to commemorate International Women’s Day, to celebrate, recognize and appreciate ALL Women around the world,” said Senela Jayasuriya, Founder & CEO of Women Empowered Global. “This film takes us on a deeply reflective and relatable journey of a working mother. 

    “There have been many times in my path as a working mom and woman, where I faced so many struggles and personal challenges that tried to stop me from reaching my goal. This is my truth, and I want to encourage and inspire as many women as possible in my lifetime. And to remember- together, we are stronger.”


    Creative Agency: HumanSense, Sri Lanka
    Writer & Creative Director: Ruchi Sharma
    Production team: X10 Productions,
    Sri Lanka Executive Producer: Prasanna Kithalagama
    Editor: Arngelo Pereira
    Producer: Muveendra Premaratne
    Audio Mix: Kasun Wickramasinghe
    Project Manager: Amaashie Mahahewage
    Visual footage courtesy: www.pexels.com & www.mixkit.co
    Music track courtesy: CinematicAudioGroup

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