The Melbourne Arts Community Calls on Fellow Citizens to Get Vaccinated

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra has teamed up with other members of the performing arts community to call on their fellow Aussies to step up and get vaccinated for the good of the nation.

The fun two-minute video depicts symphony members, jugglers, dancers, and plenty more performing sadly by themselves. It’s no fun, even the mime is frowning. Yet, a return to normalcy is at hand and the performers need the public’s help. The vaccine is the answer and in true artistic fashion, some of Australia’s most talented performers then walk the public through the vaccination process.

“The Victorian arts and entertainment industry cannot perform for our wonderful audiences if there are continued lockdowns and limitations. Like many performing arts organisations – big and small – the operation of the MSO is seriously tested in a lockdown. As long as too many people remain unvaccinated lockdowns will recur. We look forward to our musicians playing and to inviting our audiences to the concert halls,” read a statement from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.


“That certainly means bringing audiences back into concert halls reliably – and with the safety of a sufficiently vaccinated population. Our talented musicians have trained for a lifetime to perform for audiences. Now we call on our community and the Victorian public to give us the performance of their lifetime; to keep our community safe, and to keep our loved arts and entertainment industry alive.”

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