The ‘McDelivery Detector’ Senses Smoke in the Kitchen and Automatically Orders Your Meal

So, you burned that finely cooked meal you were hoping to eat for dinner? Worry not – McDonald’s in the Netherlands has you covered if you’re willing to share your kitchen faux pas by sharing a photo of the meal you unceremoniously burned.

If your photo is selected you will win a “McDelivery Detector”, which is basically a Big Mac-shaped smoke detector that automatically orders food from McDonald’s.

While in some instances, the smoke might not be from a meal and instead from a potentially dangerous situation, there will be a McDonald’s meal on its way for first responders. So, there is that.


Designed by creative agency TBWA\NEBOKO, the McDelivery Detector is anything but your average smoke detector.

“We want to give our guests Good Times with tasty products and smart technology news,” said brand manager for McDonald’s Netherlands, Terry de Graaff.

“The McDelivery Detector is a great gadget for people who have bad luck in the kitchen just a little more often than others. I’m already looking forward to the fantastic anecdotes about the biggest cooking blunders!”

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