The Lengths One Will Go to When out of Condoms – New Campaign from SKYN

“No condom. No sex.”





Condom brand SKYN has launched its Summer campaign, ‘No SKYN, No Love’, which takes a Mission Impossible approach to delivering an essential message to young couples: always be prepared.

Created by UltraSuperNew Tokyo, the campaign features a hero film, influencer collaborations, and for the first time, podcasts featuring Japanese comedians.

The film follows the story of a young couple getting close. However, the man suddenly realizes he doesn’t have any condoms.


Undeterred, he takes matters into his own hands, embarking on a Mission Impossible – style journey through hostile streets to reach a store for the SKYN condoms. The humorous film shows his extraordinary efforts to obtain the condoms, and his resolve to fly in the face of adversity. Nevertheless, upon arriving at the store, he faces yet another challenge – it’s closed, adding an amusing twist to the story.

“Japan SKYN focuses its communication that resonates with both partners at a deeper level,” said Annie Hou, Associate Director – Sales & Marketing – MAM LifeStyles commented.

“This summer, for the fun seeking younger audiences after pandemic, we decided to “experimentally” try something a bit different. The theme message that runs through past campaigns remains, but this time, we also remind people to always be prepared for any situation, because that is always the key to a healthy and “soft relationship”.


Yousuke Ozawa, Creative Director, UltraSuperNew added: “Our new campaign is a bit of a leap from what we usually do because, in the past we focused our concept on capturing strong bonds between partners, reminding couples the importance of caring for each other and maintaining a great relationship.

“Our new campaign is also aimed to protect relationships between couples, but this time the story is captured from a male perspective, and the emotions he goes through. The theme, “Softness brings us closer” is present, but we pushed for something that had more action and humor, to attract a younger audience.”

“No condom. No sex.”


Client: SKYN

Agency: UltraSuperNew

Creative Director: Yousuke Ozawa

Creative: Yusuke Suzuki, Rebecca Chen, Yerai Zamorano, Kohei Okamura,Yan He

Producer: Daiki Shimizu

Assistant Producer: Alex Schmidt

Web Producer: Mana Shigeki, Alex Watanabe

Web Production: Chamindu Appuhamy, Malinda Wijekoon, Asela Jay, Ravindu Kannagara

Production Company: Geek

Producer: Fukutaro Inadome, Hitomoi Godo, Junpei Yamamoto

Director: Yuhei Kuramochi

PR: Material PR

Influencer Marketing: Ride


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