The ‘Joy-Conomy’ is Here says Wunderman Thompson 2023 Trends Report

“An unrestrained, impactful, and powerful burst of energy is being injected into the year ahead, arming people with hope, joy, and happiness.”

According to Wunderman Thompson’s The Future 100 report for 2023 “an unrestrained, impactful, and powerful burst of energy is being injected into the year ahead, arming people with hope, joy, and happiness amid continuing uncertain times.”

The 9th edition of the annual trend almanac which offers a snapshot of the most compelling trends to keep on the radar for the year ahead, says that despite ongoing economic and environmental crisis, people are choosing joy.

In other words, the ‘Joy-Conomy’ – a term oined by Wunderman Thompson Intelligence along with the rise of trends such as ‘Elevated Expressionism’, ‘Feel-Good Feeds’, and ‘Ageless Play’, which WT says all demonstrate the opportunities for brands who lean into consumers’ desire for inspiration and optimism, as people become are determined to show resilience, innovation, and joy in the face of continued hardship.


“In a year when all signs should point towards a bleak and chaotic outlook as a rocky economy, political instability, and environmental deterioration persist, we’ve found that there are endless opportunities for brands to tap into this consumer mindset as last year’s unbounded optimism shifts to an exuberant need for uplift and play,” said Emma Chiu, Global Director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence.

Chiu added: “Community, creativity, and color vibrantly paint 2023. The stress of the past years has put an emphasis on optimizing both the mind and body to empower an elevated self; the lightning pace of technology sees the evolution from building to living the metaverse (with every aspect of our lives being explored in this new frontier of customer experience); and people are demanding that brands use their influence to better society by putting accessibility and inclusion at the fore.”


In addition to the rise of the ‘Joy-Conomy’, highlights include:

  • Culture – Indigenous Innovation: Indigenous Techniques are forming regenerative approaches to managing the environment
  • Tech & Metaverse – Techcessibility: Companies are redesigning their digital environments for greater accessibility
  • Travel & Hospitality – Temperate Travel: Rising temperatures will prompt travelers to seek out cooler destinations
  • Brands & Marketing – Amplifying Diverse Creators: Growing calls for authentic representation in advertising are driving a wave of brand collaborations with marginalized creative talents
  • Food & Drink – Cell-cultured Dishes: As cell-cultured food moves from lab to grocery store, luxury dining may be the first beneficiary
  • Beauty – Resurrected Ingredients: Brands are bringing back extinct and forgotten sensory ingredients
  • Retail & Commerce – Crisis Retail: As the financial crisis bites, brands are stepping up to help their most vulnerable consumers
  • Luxury – Residence at Sea: The next-gen digital nomad is taking to the sea—in style
  • Health – Menopause Retreats: From HRT education to nutritional advice, retreats designed specifically for the menopause journey are on the rise
  • Work – Generation Flex: Employee expectations are rising. Despite economic woes, could the balance of power be tipping in their favor?

Naomi Troni, Global Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at Wunderman Thompson added: “The world is on the brink of recession, and it has never been more important for brands to be on top of the latest trends that will define consumer spending in the year ahead. With competition for share of mind and pocket becoming increasingly tough, The Future 100: 2023 reveals the essential, unexpected, and occasionally jaw-dropping insights that will help forward-thinking brands stay ahead.”

‘The Future 100: 2023’ from Wunderman Thompson’s futurism, research, and innovation unit, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, has been compiled by a leading team of trend analysts, bringing together exclusive expert interviews and proprietary research.

You can download the report here.


Wunderman Thompson Intelligence
Editor in Chief: Emma Chiu
Editor: Emily Safian-Demers
Writers: Marie Stafford, Chen May Yee, John O’Sullivan, Sarah Tilley, Carla Calandra, Jamie Hannah Shackleton, Francesca Lewis
Sub-Editors: Hester Lacey, Katie Myers
Creative Director: Shazia Chaudhry
Cover: Planet City, courtesy of Liam Young
Fonts Used: Termina; Helvetica Neue (TT)


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