The Internet is Our Child We’ve Led Astray in Ooredoo Campaign

Telecom brand Ooredoo and FP7 McCann Doha have launched a new Ramadan animated campaign across the Middle East, South East Asia and North Africa.

The clever 2-minute spot depicts the internet as a child of all of ours. One who started out perfectly yet became flawed over time by the people who used him.

From cyberbullying to online shaming, and fake news to trolling, the internet can be an unhappy place, because of how people use it.


During Ramada, a month that encourages positivity, Ooredoo is calling on everyone to help return the internet to a place of good.


Brand – Ooredoo
Agency – FP7 McCann Doha
Production House: Digital District Paris
Fabio Bellicanta: Senior Director – Brand & Media, Ooredoo Group
Mohamed Bourai: Consultant, Ooredoo Group
Christopher Sadana: Director – Media Agency Performance, Ooredoo Group
Lara-Lynn Schmallenberg: Senior Manager – Brand, Ooredoo Group
Huda Barakat: Consultant, Ooredoo Group
Gareth Paul: Executive Creative Director
David Schild: Creative Director
Tahaab Rais: Creative Strategy
Osama Elsayyad: Managing Director
Kyle Light: Designer
Mario Atallah: Agency Producer

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