The Epica Awards Extends Entry Deadline Until November 2

    By The Staff - Oct 19, 2020
    The Epica Awards Extends Entry Deadline Until November 2

    The Epica Awards deadline has been extended from October 15 to November 2, to give participants more time to prepare their entries. And as usual, Epica, which is judged solely by industry journalists, will not charge a late entry fee.

    Launched in 1987, Epica is uniquely judged by the press and gives entrants access to a worldwide community of journalists who write about advertising, design, and marketing.

    Independent photographers can enter for just 100 euros while roduction companies are given a 100 euro discount on the registration fee.

    Winners and selected shortlisted entries will appear in the annual Epica Book, a compendium of creativity edited by ourselves and published by Bloomsbury in London. (The same publisher as Harry Potter, by the way. Creativity truly is a kind of magic.)

    Epica is the hub where creativity and journalism meet. We aim to spread the word about great work and inspire reporters who are in search of stories. On this year, of all years, agencies, brands, and the press should join forces to celebrate the power of creativity.


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