The Enterprise Guide to Acing Social Media Collaboration

Social media has become a key component of every organization’s marketing efforts. Its ability to reach large swathes of consumers in the blink of an eye ingrained it into the repertoire of every marketer no matter the industry. This power, however, is not without its drawbacks.

Poorly managed social media marketing campaigns can be ineffectual at best. As such, it is paramount that brands bring together teams across the marketing spectrum and facilitate cross-department collaboration to harness the benefits of social media, meeting or possibly even surpassing marketing goals.

To help achieve this, we’ve outlined some tips for successful social media collaboration.


First Things First: The Team

Building and managing an effective social media team can be a daunting prospect. Why?

The team needs to be large enough to manage your company’s entire social media identity, but not so large that it becomes inefficient.

The key to keeping your team on track is maintaining a focused social media presence. You could create an account for every subsidiary or product launch, but it would only bloat your teams, hinder communication, and increase costs.

Instead, try taking a centralized approach to organizing your social media teams, having a core team responsible for the overall strategy and messaging.


Facilitating Social Media Collaboration With the Right Tools

Managing your company’s social media presence is costly and time-consuming if your teams don’t collaborate properly.

The good news is that you can help them work more efficiently – and save resources – by utilizing tools designed to streamline your company’s social media management workflow

But what about your social media collaboration and tasks related specifically to managing your social media presence – such as publishing content or measuring performance? How do you ensure these tasks are being completed effectively across your team and on a global scale?

The answer is to provide your team with the right social media marketing tool that will enable you to achieve the following:

  • Equip your team with an integrated solution – streamlining your organization’s tech stack will largely improve workflow velocity in your company by reducing the time taken ensuring compatibility across tools.
  • Make sure all team members can access the tool instantly – ensure each team member can quickly access tools, to reduce time wasted remembering logins and signing to different tools.
  • Verify that your teams work together seamlessly – Having shared access to an editorial calendar, data dashboards and performance reports is key to collaborating efficiently across teams and departments.
  • Build optimized workflows tailored to your business needs – Assigning clear roles and responsibilities within your teams will improve the way they organize and prioritize their tasks, allowing for more efficient workflow processes.
  • Accelerate communication between teams and departments – teams should also be able to communicate within the social media management tool as this accelerates the feedback loop and make it more accurate.

Having a solution that allows you to accomplish all five of these objectives will help your teams work together easier and faster.

Getting Into the Flow: Your Efficient Collaboration Process

Once you have both the team and the tools, it’s time to come up with an effective social media workflow plan. To get things started, here are three things you’ll want to establish to get your team or teams working together efficiently:

  • Set up your team processes to facilitate collaboration.

You’ll want to get started assigning your team roles, responsibilities, permissions, and developing approval workflows. It is a proven way of securing your brand’s reputation., enabling you to ensure that all tasks are completed by authorized team members only and that no message or post is sent without the right person’s approval.

This will also help everyone on the team understand their exact scope of responsibilities. As a result, the communication barriers between teams and offices will decrease, and the workflow will run seamlessly.

Because each company’s structure is unique, it’s important that you set up a custom approval structure that’s tailored to your business needs – and that can be easily adjusted or scaled. Developing a custom workflow is a great way to facilitate collaboration across teams and offices – even if they’re a thousand miles apart.

  • Create custom dashboards to keep track of KPIs for your business at a glance.

Shareable dashboards will allow your whole team to easily stay on top of the data and understand what they need to do to hit their targets.

By using shared dashboards, your team will be able to get an overview of your company’s social media performance, understand where you stand, and make faster, more informed decisions about how to move forward together.

  • Automate your reporting to easily keep everyone up-to-speed.

One of the premises of effective communication across teams is having access to the same data and insights.

To make sure that all your teams and offices are on the same page, keep them updated with automated reports. This way, you’ll be able to accelerate information flow and ensure that everyone can access an identical overview of KPIs, which is critical to moving projects forward successfully.

At the same time, reports will help you gain oversight of your teams’ marketing activities and monitor their progress. And thanks to automation, you can receive reports regularly without having to think about it – one thing to cross off your busy to-do list.

The Takeaway

An efficient social media collaboration process is a must for any business – but especially for enterprise brands whose teams need to work together across borders.

Even though it might seem like a daunting task, developing an optimized collaboration plan is easily done with the right tools. Ensuring that each team member knows the tasks they’re responsible for, can access dashboards with key data points and stays up-to-date with regular reports – regardless of the region of the world they’re based in – will largely improve your workflow and help meet your social media marketing objectives.

Charles Tidswell

Charles Tidswell

Charles is Vice-President JAPAC at Socialbakers

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