The Brand Agency, Perth Launches VoiceBox to Create Conversational Experiences for Clients

Embracing the era of voice technology and the opportunities it creates, The Brand Agency has launched an innovative new service offering called VoiceBox.

Per the release:

Integrating core agency skillsets across strategy, experience design, creative writing and technology development, VoiceBox will be at the forefront of designing and launching conversational experiences for WA brands.


“The way we interact with technology is rapidly changing, with our own voice becoming the primary tool,” said Matt Popkes, head of interactive strategy at The Brand Agency. “Digital assistants are answering our questions, giving us dinner recommendations and booking our holidays – without us ever touching a keyboard. This is already changing how organizations interact with their customers, with the expectation of an easy, seamless voice experience becoming the standard.”

The Brand Agency’s VoiceBox already has exciting new projects in development. In a partnership with Water Corporation, a voice assistant is being designed to initially connect customers to the utility’s Waterwise advice and tips via their Google Assistant, whether on your mobile or smart speaker.

And with MSWA, VoiceBox is currently developing a voice assistant that will, amongst other tasks, answer key questions about the NDIS, and be able to arrange a follow-up call with an MSWA expert.

“The agency is in a unique position in this market as we are able to bring together leading talent in a wide range of disciplines to create this new service offering for our clients,” said Paul Hamilton, head of technology, The Brand Agency. “VoiceBox is a first in WA, offering the full suite of capabilities and integration required to launch voice-driven experiences in this new age of audience connection and interaction.”

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