The Best Investment in India is Secondary School Education for Girls

Child Rights and You has launched a national campaign titled #PooriPadhaiDeshKiBhalai to build awareness of the importance of India’s girls completing their secondary education.

The campaign, which was launched in collaboration with Lintas Live, stresses the benefits for both young girls and India as a whole in improving access and support for secondary education. The film follows an investor set to shell out for land in rural India. Before he can do so, a young girl nearby tells him there’s an even better investment to be made.

What follows is a heartwarming trip across rivers, fields, and jungles to a secondary school. We learn one young girl wants to be a doctor, her friend, a pilot. The school’s director also lays out the national importance of investing in childhood education for girls. Stark statistics make clear the long-term economic benefits that this could bring to the country.


Around 38% of girls in India, between 15 to 18 years, are out of school and the drop-out rates for girls increase dramatically from 4.30% in primary schools to 17.01% in secondary school. A McKinsey Gender Parity Study found that the employment of women could add $770 billion to India’s GDP.

“Several films and PSAs around education, especially on girl-child education, have been done before. Our challenge was how do we make our message stand out? How do we shine a spotlight on the importance of completing secondary education?” Sarvesh Raikar, Creative Head, Lintas Live.


“Which is why, we took the route of showing it as an investment and actually demonstrate the returns – with hard-hitting numbers. The fact that the campaign has been launched in March further made the theme sharper – as that’s when investments are top of the mind for the country.”


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