The ‘Benz’ Effect – Exploring Thailand’s Nickname Trend in Campaign from Mercedes-Benz

Inspired by the dreams of their parents for prosperity and success, many Thai children are given the nickname “Benz”.





According to a new campaign from Mercedes-Benz, Thai culture is renowned for its richness and depth, and nowhere is this more evident than in the tradition of assigning English names or nicknames to its people.

In a creative twist, Mercedes-Benz Thailand, in collaboration with TeamXThailand, has unveiled a new campaign for the upcoming Motor Show 2024, shedding light on the inspiration behind the discovery of a beloved Thai name—one that holds a special significance for Mercedes-Benz. Namely, “Benz.”

Thai people are known for their ingenuity in naming conventions, where children often receive formal names from temple monks at birth but are affectionately known by their informal nicknames in everyday life, the campaign said, adding that in a modern trend, English names have begun to blend into this tradition, resulting in names like Pancake (A famous Thai actress) and Nescafe (a renowned Thai singer), but one name reigns supreme and that’s, “Benz.”


Inspired by the dreams of their parents for prosperity and success, many Thai children bear the name “Benz” in homage to the iconic Mercedes-Benz brand.

“In Thailand,” says Thasorn Boonyanate (Pete), Chief Creative Officer at TeamXThailand, “Believe it or not, everybody must have at least one Thai friend named ‘Benz’.”

Mercedes-Benz Thailand’s latest campaign, “The ‘Benz’ Effect” delves into the stories behind this latest insight and discovery. Teaming up with commercial film director Benz-Thanachart from Salmon House, the campaign uncovers the stories behind individuals named “Benz.” From Carl Benz’s pioneering spirit to the dream of owning a Mercedes-Benz, each story is a testament to the enduring legacy of the iconic brand.


As part of the upcoming Thai Motor Show 2024 experience, Mercedes-Benz Thailand invites attendees to delve deeper into the narrative of “Benz.” Explore the inspiring communication campaign at the Motor Show 2024 under the banner of “The ‘Benz’ Effect” which reflects the brand’s heritage and passion through the stories of people named “Benz.”

From exclusive interviews with “Benz” bearers to immersive displays celebrating the brand’s heritage, visitors will uncover the essence of inspiration behind every “Benz.” Don’t miss the special highlight of another “Benz,” “Benz – Thanawat,” an artist known as Bloody Hell Big Head, unveiling a design under the concept of “The ‘Benz’ Effect” at the Mercedes-Benz booth.


Agency Credit: TeamXThailand

Chief Creative Officer: Thasorn Boonyanate
Creative Director: Pratchya Vilaipol
Art Director: Peera Liangjai
Copywriter: Prame Poosoontornsri
Business Director: Sirimanat Runghirunsku, Arunee Rueangwattanaporn
Account Director: Anna Chuapramong
Account Executive: Thanyamas Chanchaiwat
Project manager: Kanokwan Kaewkern
Producer: Paramee Soontornwuttinun

Production House Credit: Salmon House
Director: Thanachart Siripatrachai (Benz)

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